Stat reading to the kiddies

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A month or so ago I posted about Amare Stoudemire and his new book. Now it appears to be out, as we see Stat huddled with the kiddies reading it. The synopsis is one of you classic little Scholastic books. A young Stat is the friendly little kid with a knack for basketball. When bullies try to ruin the fun of Amare and friends, he takes over in a little game of hoops. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Go out and buy it and support Stat’s cute little endeavor.

Deron Williams may have hinted at where he will sign come July 1st

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Deron Williams is a Dallas native, so it is no surprise that the Mavericks are in play for the Nets star. But the plot thickens in the speculation department for which team Deron wants to play for. Deron Williams was recently seen shopping for houses in the Dallas area. Not only has D-Will been seen looking at houses, he has also stated that the Nets and Mavs will be the only teams he will consider signing with.



Now here is how I see this playing out. Deron Williams will not sign the first day of free agency. I think he will wait to see what moves the Nets make in order to put a better team around D-Will. If things don’t look good in Brooklyn, then Williams will head back home to the Mavs to join an already contending team.

The Brooklyn Nets are taking the next step to taking over New York

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The Nets have a few players they are preparing to feature next season. Taking a page out of the New York Yankees handbook, they are calling these players their “Core Four.” These four players are the newly acquired Joe Johnson, the top 3 point guard Deron Williams, the pesky defender Gerald Wallace, and the up-and-coming big man Brook Lopez. Hello, Brooklyn.



Advertisements will be placed all over the city with the Hello Brooklyn phrase followed by some information about one of the core four players. They are as follows:


“Hello Brooklyn. I’m #8, Deron Williams, three-time NBA All-Star and father of four.”


“Hello Brooklyn, I’m #7, Joe Johnson, six-time NBA All-Star and lifelong Razorback.”


“Hello Brooklyn, I’m #11, Brook Lopez, 20-point scorer and Batman’s biggest fan.”


“Hello Brooklyn, I’m #45, Gerald Wallace, All-NBA Defender and offseason fisherman.”



This is just the beginning of the Nets campaign to take over New York. Soon they will start up a digital social media campaign, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before we see the “Hello Brooklyn” phrase trending on twitter. Things are looking up for the Nets in New York, and they picked the perfect time to strike as fans’ patience with the Knicks is starting to wane.

Carmelo Anthonys wax figure was unveiled yesterday in NYC

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Damn, Twitter can be a rough sometimes, especially if you’re a celebrity athlete.  This was just one tweet of many connected to the #Melowax hashtag going around yesterday and today.   Madam Tussauds released their Carmelo masterpiece yesterday on 42nd Street in Manhattan, with Carmelo in attendance and a healthy following of loyal Melo fans line up at the door.

T-Mac, what have you become?

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Boy oh boy, how the mighty have fallen huh?   His career was so promising at one time,  his name was everywhere I looked growing up as a kid,  and then boom, fell off the face of the earth.     Luckily for us,  he resurfaced right here in 2012, hawking some sort of Chinese beer to the masses.   ouch.

Derrick Rose will be out 8-12 months

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The top seeded Bulls are currently watching the NBA playoffs on T.V. First went down Rose, followed by Joakim Noah. On the bright side, Noah will be fine for next season. On the dark side…..the force (Star Wars pun) that was Derrick Rose may be out of commission all season with his torn ACL. And after that time frame he still may not be back in the Association.



An injured Rose will not keep the Bulls from a postseason berth next year, but it will certainly keep them from being a contender. Throw in the fact that when he does come back, he may never be the same player. It will be quite a long year in Chicago as Bulls fans wait and see what Derrick Rose will be. But at least Rose will have his skittles to keep him happy. Seriously though, this picture is the happiest I have ever seen the guy.

Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen think playing for their country should be our privilege, not theirs

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There are a lot of greedy owners and a lot of greedy players in the NBA. We saw that with the minor lockout during this season. But the amount of greed from this situation really rustles my jimmies. Both Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade have expressed why they think they deserve compensation for playing in the Olympics. What they are forgetting is that the Olympics are supposed to be for amateurs, people living out their dream and making a name for themselves. But now since you have added professionals, it was only a matter of time before they started barking for more cash.

Wade and Allen list the reason that they must play extra time in their offseason. While it is true that they do have to put in extra time, it is not like it is a detriment to their game. They would be practicing anyway during the offseason, they might as well practice with the best. Imagine the Dream Team who had a historic Olympic performance, imagine them asking for money. They wouldn’t, they did it for the country, for the history, for the pride. One person who has particiapted doesn’t agree with Wade and Allen. Believe it or not, Lebron has stated that he plays for the love of the game. And now for something I will never say again, more players should be like Lebron.