The wife of the Nets owner wearing her teams new gear

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Jay-Z really has it all. He has an NBA team in Brooklyn, a famed music career and a gorgeous wife. And he combines all of those things at once. Pleasure overload right there. Here we have Beyonce, a star in her own right, rocking her husbands new gear.

Dwight Howard expresses his plans to remain a member of the Orlando Magic

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Throughout the season many have berated Dwight Howard for not being a team player. However now things have taken a turn that nobody expected, and Howard has informed the Magic that he will not opt out of his contract. Whether or not this means Dwight is in it for the long haul has yet to be determined, but for now this is a good sign for the Magic. Dwight has often been compared to Shaq, not only because of his great play but for his interest in leaving Orlando. Those comparisons will be put on the back burner for another year. The only team this really has a negative effect on is the New Jersey Nets.


As the Nets make their move to Brooklyn they will need some star power in order to draw in fans. If Dwight Howard is not a Net, it also means that Deron Williams is more then likely to not resign with the team in the off season. With the absolute disgrace of a product that has been the Knicks, the Nets are primed to take over a restless fan base. Without a big name or potential for a winning squad, the Nets will remain in the shadow of New York.

Me Adam Morrison, you Jane

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Adam Morrison looking good, showing up to the Brooklyn Nets free-agency camp.   Went from co-Player of the year at Gonzaga to a washed up ugly looking Tarzan that stumbled onto a basketball court in 6 years, that’s gotta be a new low.

Free–agent camp for a brand new NBA team with tons of media buzz around it,  you didn’t think to maybe clean up your act a little bit in order to possibly make a better impression on a few coaches?

Landry, Lin, and Lopez all receive qualifying offers

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The Knicks and Nets made the first step in retaining some key players today by giving them qualifying offers. What this means is that if any teams try to sign these players, the Knicks and Nets can match the offer without worrying about going over the salary cap. Now the three players in question all had some pretty tumultuous seasons.



First is the obvious, Jeremy Lin. Linsanity swept over New York and a superstar was born. But as quickly as Lin came he went, injuries plagued his season and we still don’t know what we might get. Speaking of injuries Brook Lopez missed almost all of last season with the Nets. If they hold onto him he will be a key piece to their Brooklyn debut. And finally Landry Fields. Landry had…..a forgettable season in his sophomore campaign. But regardless he too will be retained. So now we will hopefully get a chance to see how these three players fair next season in New York.

Moe Harkless will depart St. John’s and head into the 2012 NBA Draft

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After winning Big East Rookie of the year, Moe Harkless has decided to call it quits from the college game and move on up to the pros. Coach Lavin and Harkless held a press conference at Madison Square Garden today to announce that Harkless will be heading to the NBA Draft. While many thought Harkless should have stayed another year to improve his draft stock, Harkless stated he wanted to pursue his dream as it was available right now. Moe had a great season for the Johnny’s, he averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds a game. Harkless is projected to go mid to late in the 1st round.

The Australian women have one of the best highlights of the Olympics

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The Australian women were apparently a favorite among the women’s basketball bracket. Down 3 to France, a last second heave was their only chance of even tying the game. And boom, the Aussie absolutely nailed the shot from half court. Lets just ignore the fact that they ended up losing the game in overtime. You can watch the clip here.

St. John’s alum D.J. Kennedy signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers

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I have written a lot of things since I started on HOOP, but this is definitely the bit of news that I am happiest to write about. D.J. Kennedy was a senior at St. John’s last year which was my freshmen year. During that senior campaign he led the Red Storm back to the NCAA tournament for the first time in a long time. Coming into St. John’s D.J. Kennedy was the player I had heard all about. In his junior year he led the team in points, rebounds, assist, steals, and quite a few other things. Finally, Kennedy has been recognized for his versatility and has been signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Only one other St. John’s alum is currently in the NBA, back in his Johnny days he went by the name of Ron Artest.  While Moe Harkless, who played for St. John’s this past season and was named Big East Rookie of the year, is not i the NBA yet, he soon will be. He will be heading to the NBA draft and will be on a roster for sure next season. The thing that makes D.J. special is the fact he spent four years playing for the Storm.


So with that we wish D.J. Kennedy the best of luck, he certainly deserves his chance with the Cavs. For additional reading on D.J. and his time in Queens, you can read this article I wrote long before this season even started.