After a long and winding journey, the Charlotte Bobcats have finally won a game

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Yesterday was the 49th birthday of  former Washington Wizards great Michael Jordan.  Jordan is also the owner of the Bobcats. For his birthday his team got the old White Sox slugger a win, their first W in 16 games.


The world has changed quite a bit since the Bobcats last won a game. Gas prices have risen about 40 cents. My teenage years are now behind me as I enter the world of 20. Jeremy Lin has gone from riding the pine to being spoken about as an all star. Madonna is all of a sudden a big thing again. Yes the times they have changed since the Bobcats last got a win. Something tells me the world may take quite a few more spins until those cats manage their next victory.

Kyrie Irving and Pepsi Max team up to provide us with some good laughs

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Now that’s some damn good makeup!   and some damn good marketing!  I absolutely loved this clip-  awesome idea by the marketing department over at Pepsi Max.    I could watch professional athletes toy around with everyday Joe’s in any sport, all day long.   Just nothing funnier than seeing just how good these guys are in real life- it’s quick to throw jabs at a guy who doesn’t perform in the NBA-   but you take that same guy and put him in a streetball game and he’s gonna light that place on fire.



I have to be honest,  I’m really really liking Kyrie.   I admit I didn’t follow him closely throughout the year, or post many articles on this site about him-  but after his recent Rookie of the Year crowning, and now the endless wave of highlight videos and advertisements,  this kid is definitely winning me over.    I’m no NBA All Star,  but I’m sure adding 20 pounds of cosmetics and wardrobe has got to weigh you down a bit, but Kyrie didn’t show any signs of slowing up, besides the fact that he looked like he was 75.

Lebron James awarded for his play in the Regular Season

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So Lebron James has been awarded MVP for the 3rd time in his NBA career. Lets all give a round of applause to celebrate his stellar regular season play. Sure he didn’t hit any clutch shots, and yea maybe he wasn’t even the best player on his own team (looking at you Wade.) But hey, Lebron needs any little confidence boost he can get. Great job there guy, I would say you really earned it but everyone knows that is not quite true.

I’m sure he’ll get right on that, Corey

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Ooooooh, Corey Maggette dissed you bad Kobe!    Actually.  No.  He didn’t.  He’s still Corey Maggette, and you’re still Kobe Bryant, and he still plays for the Charlotte Bobcats and you’re still an LA Laker Icon.    Pretty sure you need to earn even a little bit of respect in the NBA in order to throw a dig at a guy like Kobe.

After some quick research, it turns out this guy kind of chirps at players all year long, as well as sucks at basketball all year long.  Nothing crazy, but you can tell he tries to make his NBA presence known in any way other than being awful on the court.

Kobe Bryant gives a Tunisian player his autograph after loss

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The USA Olympic basketball team is a squad full of All Stars. The Tunisian team… Well, they don’t even have a single player in the NBA. So when Mohamed Hdidane goes over to Kobe Bryant after his team gets obliterated, is it really a big deal if he wants a little autograph? Of course not, who cares if his team lost by 47 points? Most of the spreads had them losing by 55. This guy is never going to have another chance to meet a basketball player like Kobe. Why not get his signature while he still can?

Tyson Chandler receiving his championship ring was the only highlight of the night for any Knick

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While the night started with former Mav Tyson Chandler finally getting his championship ring, It was the rest the current Dallas stars who would be celebrating come the end of the evening. The Knicks were off to yet another listless start, something we have seen quite often since the return of Carmelo Anthony. Melo had an absolutely dreadful game, only hitting 2-12 shots while picking up just 6 points. The Knicks did make a comeback, but in hindsight it was a troublesome one. The bench of the Knicks was the group getting New York back in the game, not the starters.


Steve Novak, per usual, helped lead the Knicks comeback off the bench. Four shots made from downtown got him 13 points, an average Novak night. Iman Shumert played sensational defense after leaving the pine, he forced 3 steals and forced many poor shots from the Mavs. The defensive effort of Shumpert is important to note considering how awful Jeremy Lin has been on the defensive side of the ball. Is a shake up of the starters necessary, or do they just need some more time to gel?

The Charlotte Bobcats are looking past their historically bad season

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Last season the Charlotte Bobcats set the NBA record for the worst season ever. They had all of 7 wins and 59 losses. It was ugly, and for me, it was hilarious. As absolutely dreadful as they were last season, they might just be on their way up. Well, according to owner Michael Jordan. The same MJ who has quite a few records of his own.

“We’re trying to build a very strong culture in this franchise and I think we have the right personnel to do so. It can be a matter of time. It really all depends on how fast these kids develop.”


“Last year was one of those years where everything happened against us, I take full credit for that. Unfortunately those things happen. But I see an upside for this franchise without a doubt.”



In all honesty I think the Bobcats have a lot to be excited about. As much as I enjoyed their mediocrity, the Cats are on their way up. They just signed Ramon Sessions to run the point. With the 2nd overall pick in the draft they acquired the highly touted Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist joins a young core that also features Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo.  And we cant forget the addition of head coach Mike Dunlap, from my St. John’s Red Storm. It wont happen overnight, but the Bobcats are certainly on their way up.