Two of the China’s biggest stars having a good time

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When I logged on facebook this morning I saw the usual same old boring stuff. And then boom, Jackie Chan shares a picture of him and Yao Ming. It appears they are opening up some sort of fitness gym of some sort, I don’t really know. What I do know is that these are not only two of the best things to come out of China, they are two of the best damn people in the world. I rock my Yao Ming jersey every chance I get. And Jackie Chan, man I cant even tell you how much of Chan fan I am. This image is just pure gold.

The Butler Bulldogs mascot has come down with a case of pneumonia

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The Butler Bulldogs are having some serious issues. Their beloved mascot Blue II is feeling, well he is feeling blue. The pooch has come down with pneumonia and as a result he will be sitting on the sidelines in favor of Blue III. At this point I don’t even want to question what happened to Blue I, but I am assuming he must have lost his job to injury. Things do tend to get a little ruff down there……get it, ruff? Like….rough……I am so sorry you had to hear that.

Dwight Howard, playing the role of Donald Trump, without the actual power

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Dwight Howard has been an issue all year. His name was on the trading block all season, per his request. Finally he had decided to give the Magic another year and all the controversy was gone. But then he had a hissy fit as Orlando was getting blown out by the Knicks. And now he is calling for the head of Coach Stan Van Gundy. Howard doesn’t like Van Gundy, he has shown this on and off the court. But if the Magic decide to fire Stan-Van just because of Howard, then this organization will have bigger problems. Dwight will inevitably leave and then the team wont have a good coach or a good player. I am calling it now; if Stan Van Gundy is fired after this season, the Magic will forever be cursed by the Van Gundy family.

Memphis Coach John Pastner commits an NCAA violation, but he has bigger concerns

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John Pastner is a man with a lot on his plate, coaching a huge basketball school in Memphis. The stress of losing some of his assistants (among other things) led to him accidentally committing an NCAA violation. While on twitter he tweeted the name of recruit Tony Parker while trying to search for him. Coaches are not aloud to discuss recruits until they are officially signed, as a result Pastner will receive a minor slap on the wrist. But back to the stressful life of the coach, not only has he lost some coaches, but he said the main thing on his mind while trying to tweet was his screeching spouse.


“My wife was yelling at me because I was on the phone too loud. I was waking (the couple’s infant daughter) up and waking my wife up because I had the TV on. She was complaining that I not only woke my daughter up, but I also woke the baby inside her up because she’s pregnant.

“So I was waking everybody up, I was getting yelled at and on top of that I was thinking, ‘What’s going on with recruiting?’ and ‘Who am I going to hire?’ and I made a mistake.”


Thanks to Deadspin for supplying the quote. Now John Pastner and Memphis will not have to deal with too much of a penalty. They will most likely just have to have a quick meeting with NCAA officials. The main concern of everyone is probably the wrath of Pastner’s wife, now that is something to be afraid of.

Peyton Manning is now the proud part owner of the Grizzlies

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Thanks to Peyton Manning, I now remember that the Grizzlies are still an NBA franchise. Yes, they have had some postseason success, but their relevance is still waining in a star driven league. But with Manning at the helm, along with Justin Timberlake and Penny Hardaway, this team finally has some buzz around em. It isn’t about what these guys can do as owners, it is what they bring to the table in marketability. Much like the Nets and Jay-Z, these superstars make the Grizzlies a hot commodity in the NBA among celebrities and fans alike. And it doesn’t hurt that Manning is a University of Tennessee alum.

Blake Griffin goes down with an injury while having the boo birds rained upon him

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Memphis, Nashville, I’m not sure how close the two cities are but being a New Yorker I just assume they are both close enough to both be considered musical cities. Anyway, the song the Grizzlies fans sang to Blake Griffin last night was a cascade of boos. The TNT announcers called the fans classless. However with the extreme amount of flopping going on with the Clippers I think the boos were warranted.

Those classless Grizzlies fans had the last laugh. Their team won it and now they will head to Los Angeles to try to tie up their series with the Clippers. Despite what may have been a bit of embezzling on the play last night, Griffin as well as Chris Paul are both playing fairly injured. Now is the time for those Grizzlies to bite. Bear pun very intended.

The American team lines up before heading out to London

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This is the group of men that will attempt to win the gold medal in London and bring glory to America. Well, glory is a strong word, there really isn’t much competition in this years olympics and anything less then a 20 point victory in every game would be a disappointment. So there they are in our nations capitol, posing for one of the most American pictures you will ever see. Here is hoping they avoid doing the least American thing ever, losing to England…that is some Revolutionary War humor right there.