Charles Barkley sports lipstick and a dress to show that men too can lose weight with Weight Watchers

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So two or three years ago Charles Barkley was the spokesmen for the Taco Bell 5 buck box. The commercial was actually pretty well done and quotable, but Chuck is a big man, so a fast food spot doesn’t really do too much for him. So now he is dressed in drag to promote Weight Watchers. When I first saw this commercial come up I was terrified, mainly because Barkley looks damn good in a dress. Gotta give him credit though, he did look slimmer and he claimed to have lost about 40 pounds. So hey, if Chuck can make it work then so can you… long as you ditch the Taco Bell.

Even with that, there is still one thing up for debate. Chuck looks classy in both commercials. But the Taco Bell one has him reciting poetry. Somehow Taco Bell gets the nod of the classier commercial, an award I doubt they will ever receive again.

Juuuust incase Lebron does win it this year

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If you guys haven’t caught on by now;  I’m not a Lebron James fan. In the unfortunate event that Lebron James and the Miami Heat DO win a Championship this year, I figured I would get my last minute digs in now.


The good news is, even if they do win, they still have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 more titles to win.   Good luck with that Bron Bron

Shaquille O’Neal is a superhero once again

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Shaq has gone by many names during his NBA career. One of which was the Superman moniker. The name wasn’t just generic though, apparently Shaq really is a fan of comic books. So of course the big Aristotle is now heading into the genre himself. The comic is actually illustrated by a guy who has done work with both DC and Marvel, the two big comic book companies. Come to think of it this isn’t the first time Shaq became an imaginary hero, although I wont remind you of the massacre that was Kazaam.



All right I lied, it is too funny not to remind you of Kazaam. I mean it is Shaq as a genie. How did they think this movie would be anything other then a flop?

Ron Artest takes to twitter to express his feelings on James Harden

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For a guy named Metta World Peace, he is far from a civil individual. As we all remember Ron Artest elbowed James Harden towards the end of the regular season which led to a lengthy suspension. Clearly Artest doesn’t feel like he should cut Harden some slack as we can tell by his tweet last night. Harden was 2-10 shooting while taking 4 fouls. A poor game off the bench for Harden leads to critiques from everybody, including the guy that tried to knock your head off with his elbow.


The many uses of cereal, brought to you by Anthony Davis

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Guess what I had for breakfast today, Reeses!!! You had candy for breakfast? NOT CANDY, REESES PUFFS CEREAL. Ahh the classic cereal commercials of my childhood. It has been years since the cereal companies had any fun marketing. So with that, Kentucky fans took things into their own hands, making a mural of future first overall pick Anthony Davis. Now these two are holding just one box each, but something tells me it took a lot more breakfast treats to make this masterpiece.

Former Knick Josh Harrellson getting a long look by the Heat

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Josh Harrellson was an interesting player for the Knicks last season. Unfortunately, he spent a good majority of his time injured and was later traded for Marcus Camby. And then the Rockets cut him. The dude known for rocking jean shorts has had a rough go of it this past year, but now Jorts will get a look from the reigning NBA champions. Harrellson is a versatile player that could make the Heat bench even deeper than it already is. Jorts was one of only 3 players to average 9 rebounds and at least one 3 pointer per 36 minutes played. And maybe he can bring a little bit of fashion down to Miami as well.


D Wade and Bron Bron confused over who’s supposed to suck more

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Down 2-1 in the series, these 2 guys have been given chance after chance to prove themselves to be the Kings that they act like they are, instead we’re stuck watching a bunch of choke artists.  D Wade is allowed to have a bad game, but we’ll just chalk Lebrons up to another awful postseason.