The American team lines up before heading out to London

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This is the group of men that will attempt to win the gold medal in London and bring glory to America. Well, glory is a strong word, there really isn’t much competition in this years olympics and anything less then a 20 point victory in every game would be a disappointment. So there they are in our nations capitol, posing for one of the most American pictures you will ever see. Here is hoping they avoid doing the least American thing ever, losing to England…that is some Revolutionary War humor right there.

Calls us all haters.   Ok.  If you say so.

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There it is D Wade!   You told them.   Strutting up to that microphone wearing your tight pink pants all confidently-  throwing a jab that you think makes you sound cool.    It didn’t, all it did was pretty much just annoy everyone even more.

I wish I could say the rest of the interview was enjoyable,  but I turned it off as soon as Lebron started giggling like a little school girl at D Wades joke.



Stay tuned for the next round of Playoffs when Wade rolls out his latest fashions.   Have a safe weekend everyone!  Happy Memorial Day.   Be safe, designate a driver, wear protection and all that good stuff responsible adults usually say.

St. John’s assistant Mike Dunlap will be in charge of fixing the Charlotte Bobcats

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I watched Mike Dunlap coach a young St. John’s team all year, and I can personally say he is a great guy. Dunlap did an excellent job with the Storm and now he is getting rewarded. All right, maybe not rewarded…..the Bobcats gig is easily the worst job in basketball right now. The team is brutal to say the least. And although Dunlap will be getting a player from Kentucky, it wont be Anthony Davis.



As much as I would like to express how happy I am that a guy from my school made it to the big show, I just feel kind of bad for Dunlap. He is almost being set up for failure, like Michael Jordan knows that no matter who he picked the team would fail. I mean Dunlap does have NBA experience with the Nuggets, maybe it will come in handy and he can do something with this team….maybe? I can hope, cant I?

Jason Kidd gets arrested after a drunken car crash

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The Knicks brought Jason Kidd to the team in order to mentor Jeremy Lin. Well now that it appears Lin is on his way out, Kidd must have thought it was okay to ignore the fact he was still a basketball player. So like any logical man without a job, he got drunk and crashed his car into a pole. Luckily he was alone and nobody else got hurt. Although unfortunately this wasn’t the first time Kidd has been arrested. Back in 2001 he faced charges after domestic abuse against his then wife. Yup, the Knicks picked up a perfect guy to mentor their young kids.

D Wade and Bron Bron confused over who’s supposed to suck more

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Down 2-1 in the series, these 2 guys have been given chance after chance to prove themselves to be the Kings that they act like they are, instead we’re stuck watching a bunch of choke artists.  D Wade is allowed to have a bad game, but we’ll just chalk Lebrons up to another awful postseason.

Jeremy Lin named to Team USA….kind of

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When the NBA season comes to an end, the olympic training will begin. Among those who will help train the London 2012 team will be Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. Lin was named to the USA Select team, a group of players that the main team will practice against. If the injury bug bites the main roster, then these players have a chance of moving to the big squad.



Now many of you may be saying to yourselves “hey, why doesn’t Lin just join team China, his lineage should enable him to do so.” Theoretically Lin could play for team China, except there is one huge problem. China does not allow dual citizenship, therefore Lin would have to denounce himself as an American. Not gonna happen, the only chance we see Lin is if USA loses a plethora of point guards to injury.

Derrick Rose is done for the season after tearing his ACL

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They say a picture says a thousands words. I’m not sure who said that originally, but they were right. Derrick Rose is out for the year, the Bulls will not have the reigning MVP for their postseason run and team USA will not have him for the upcoming Olympics. Rose has been in and out of the Bulls lineup all season with various nicks to his body. But this time it is official DRose will not be playing for Chicago for what may be a long time.


Whether it was the strike shortened season, or just ware and tear, Roses’ body has taken a beating this year. It remains to be seen if he can ever be the same player again.