Michael Beasley gets a little too comfy on the bench

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This clip pretty much speaks for itself. Michael Beasley of the Twolves went to rub his leg while getting a little break on the bench. It wasn’t a break from the action however, as he ended up getting closer to teammate Anthony Tolliver. It took Beas a solid 3 seconds to realize that he was rubbing his teammates knee rather than his own.

Blake Griffin slams home an off the wall dunk

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Blake Griffin was one of the last couple of players added to the team USA roster for the upcoming Olympic games. He started training camp off with a bang, or a boom, or whatever sound best describes a slam dunk off the wall. Anyway, we haven’t seen much from Blake in quite some time so this should hold over your dunk fix until the games actually begin. Oh and see someone familiar turning his head at the end of the video? That happens to be former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni. Clearly this team will not have an emphasis on defense.

Phil Jackson picks his springtime sport of choice

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Phil Jackson is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. That isn’t hyperbole either, the guy has coached 11 championship teams. So during his first year of retirement it is no surprise that he spent his spring watching the postseason. Actually it is quite the shock, In an HBO Real Sports interview The Zen Master said he much more enjoyed watching the NHL playoffs from his Montana home.

“Watching the NBA; not that easy for me, there’s very little passing offense that goes on in the NBA anymore. Everything is off the dribble, on a screen roll, through the screen roll, so the innovation is very limited as far as what’s going on. I find myself watching hockey playoffs before watching basketball playoff games.”


But wait theres more! When asked if he enjoyed the NHL playoff run more than the NBA, he had an even more telling response saying ”Less commercials, more fun, much more action. Yeah.” So this just furthers the proof that the NBA lacks parody and is far too predictable. As long as basketball players are aloud to pick and choose where they go, the gameplay will continue to suffer.

Ron Artest wont be exchanging pleasantries with the Thunder

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Every time I see a link to something Ron Artest says, my heart drops as I know the St. John’s alum is about to say something incredibly ridiculous. As we all know Artest just returned from suspension after throwing a massive elbow into the dome piece of Thunder 6th man James Harden. Now his Lakers will be playing the Thunder in the 2nd round of the playoffs and Artest has no intention of……BOOM QUOTE TIME.

“I don’t shake substitutes’ hands, I shake everybody’s hand before the game, but Oklahoma City, they don’t shake hands. Only some of them, but I don’t think they really shake hands before the game. Kendrick Perkins and now (Russell) Westbrook don’t shake hands either. (Russell) used to shake hands, but now he don’t shake hands anymore.”


So there you have it. To Ron Artest, James Harden is just another substitute not worthy of a handshake. The same James Harden that he almost killed. And yes, the same James Harden that is a front runner for 6th man of the year. Whether or not Ron-Ron does decide to take part in the pre-game wont effect too much, Oklahoma City fans will still have it out for him.

Here they are, the brand new Knicks uniforms

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The New York Knicks have had somewhat of a basic history of jerseys. Their changes over the years have been minimal, a change in color shade, an alter to the fringe. These uniforms do not break from that trend. That being said, they still look damn good.

Middle School lad gets suspended for shaving Spurs big man Matt Bonner into his head

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Well this one is a head scratcher (no pun intended.) I was browsing Yahoo when I came across this article about a very passionate San Antonio Spurs fan. As you see this kid got a work of art imbedded into the back of his dome. And now his school wants him to shave it or serve in school suspension. From my own experience I have had to serve detention during school. It sucks. And there is no reason for this kid to have to alter his look.


I mean if the problem is that he chose Matt Bonner of all players I would understand. Bonner is your classic bench warming white guy that can come in and drain threes. But hey, every kid has a different favorite player. Some kids just really like the bad players.

Kobe Bryant just living the dream

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I have absolutely no backstory on this picture- woke up to it on my phone, and this picture wiped the tired off my face real quick.  Kobe Bryant strolling through some arena like a goddamn boss-  no other way to describe it.


Kobe Bryant dressed in a throwback MJ outfit puffing on a cigar:

There is no bigger power move than this.