Knicks season comes to an end with many questions for the future

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The Knicks lost in Miami for what would be the final time this season. There was no Amare punching a fire extinguisher, there was no cries for Jeremy Lin. There was just a team of players that would not be together again. We know Amare, Melo, and Chandler will be back. Hopefully Iman Shumpert will be back in time for next seasons first game. But everyone else is up in the air.



First off, the most important component on who should not be brought back by any means. J.R. Smith. Oh boy was it nauseating watching him miss shot after shot all series. 3-15 in the game and a minus 20 point differential. That last stat means the Heat had 20 more points then the Knicks when Smith was on the floor. Send him back to play in China, he does not have a role on this NBA team.



Mike Bibby will be gone and Baron Davis unfortunately will not be able to play next season with his injured knee. Steve Novak will most likely be brought back unless he demands an absurd pay check. Yet nobody is quite sure at the moment what kind of contract Jeremy Lin will be getting. That said, it seems almost definite that he will be the starting point guard once next season rolls around.

That leaves one more prominent Knickerbocker. That would be Landry Fields. Landry was blasted on twitter following the Knicks loss. Come to think of it, he has been ridiculed all season for his declining skills. We may have seen the last of the Stanford grad in New York.



There is so much that could change once next season comes around. At the same time the core will remain exactly as is. The most important move of the offseason will also be the easiest to make. Resign coach Mike Woodson. Do that, and the rest will follow.

Chris Bosh take a steady stream to the face

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Finding a pic for today was easier than ever- tons to choose from but this one just keeps jumping up to the top spot every time I tried to choose my favorite-   Couldn’t have staged this picture any better if you paid me, dude just put himself out there with no regrets.   Chris Bosh just doin the damn thing like a champion is supposed to I suppose… probably not how I’d give myself champagne showers, but to each their own.

Miami bumps out the Pacers after a Game 6 victory

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41 points and 10 rebounds from Dwyane Wade. 28 points, 7 assist, and 6 rebounds from Lebron. And finally 12 points for Mike Miller. Okay that last one wasn’t really close to being important, but the first two are. Lebron and Wade have put the Heat back in the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year.


So with that the Heat only have one more question. Well actually two come to think of it. First up, will they face the 76ers or the Celtics? Second, will Chris Bosh finally be able to play? The answer to the second question really dictates the better matchup for the Heat.


Without Bosh it will be incredibly tough to get past the Celtics defense. Then again Bosh would not effect a series against the 76ers too much. So with that, if Bosh is back, Heat want the Celtics, if not then they definitely want the 76ers.


Magic fire Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith

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To the shock of absolutely nobody, coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith are no longer part of the Orlando Magic organization. The Magic gave a bunch of reasons suggesting “first round exits are not good enough.” Everyone knows that is a load of B.S. The reason those two are out are because of disgruntled bum….err I mean “superstar” Dwight Howard.



Howard has spent most of the past two years trying to get out of Orlando. And then he decided to sign on for another year. But as that decision came out, so did rumors that Howard only signed on if his coach and gm were out of the picture. Those rumors have never seemed more true then today. Will this really change the fate of the Magic? Doubtful, Howard is trouble and he will be an issue for whoever has to attempt to coach him next season.


Also important to note. Stan Van Gundy has zero relation to Ron Jeremy. If you do not know who Ron Jeremy is then consider yourself lucky. For the love of God I highly advise that you do not google him.

Pat Riley, President of the Heat, watches the game among OKC fans

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That right there is Pat Riley, president and former head coach of the Miami Heat. You would think a man in that position would, ya know, sit in a luxury box or something. It just looks so hilariously awkward, Riley is the only person for miles not wearing a blue Thunder shirt. I would hope for the sake of Riley that he got out of there before the final buzzer went off.

As the Knicks continue to lose, so does the fanfare of Linsanity

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I logged onto facebook earlier today to find a post from the New York Knicks official page. They were selling Linsanity t-shirts for 20% off. Just a month ago I walked into Dicks and Modells and was immediately greeted by an entire section dedicated to Jeremy Lin. The prices gauging was astronomical and people ate it all up. I do not fault anyone though, an orange Jeremy Lin shirt sits in my closet in shame everyday. Basketball, like anything, is a business. When Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene he picked up traction quick, he was a massive money making device. Now that the Knicks are awful again, people are less excited about Linsanity and are already calling for Baron Davis to be the new starter. His ability to make a profit is gone, and with that so is his fame. The shelves will continue to be stocked with Jeremy Lin merchandise, but that may only be because no one is buying into Linsanity anymore.

Kobe Bryant continues to turn heads off the court

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Last week Kobe was caught shirtless with two girls. A couple of days into the Olympic games he was seen checking out the girls volleyball team. And now, we have this. And this I am sure is not Vanessa Bryant, who came over to London to keep an eye on her husband. Looks like she needs to start doing a better job.