The Australian women have one of the best highlights of the Olympics

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The Australian women were apparently a favorite among the women’s basketball bracket. Down 3 to France, a last second heave was their only chance of even tying the game. And boom, the Aussie absolutely nailed the shot from half court. Lets just ignore the fact that they ended up losing the game in overtime. You can watch the clip here.

St. John’s alum D.J. Kennedy signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers

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I have written a lot of things since I started on HOOP, but this is definitely the bit of news that I am happiest to write about. D.J. Kennedy was a senior at St. John’s last year which was my freshmen year. During that senior campaign he led the Red Storm back to the NCAA tournament for the first time in a long time. Coming into St. John’s D.J. Kennedy was the player I had heard all about. In his junior year he led the team in points, rebounds, assist, steals, and quite a few other things. Finally, Kennedy has been recognized for his versatility and has been signed by the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Only one other St. John’s alum is currently in the NBA, back in his Johnny days he went by the name of Ron Artest. ¬†While Moe Harkless, who played for St. John’s this past season and was named Big East Rookie of the year, is not i the NBA yet, he soon will be. He will be heading to the NBA draft and will be on a roster for sure next season. The thing that makes D.J. special is the fact he spent four years playing for the Storm.


So with that we wish D.J. Kennedy the best of luck, he certainly deserves his chance with the Cavs. For additional reading on D.J. and his time in Queens, you can read this article I wrote long before this season even started.

Dallas native Deron Williams helps lead the Nets to a win over the defending champs.

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The Nets started off strong following this weekends All Star break, knocking off the reigning champs by a final of 93-92. Former New Jersey great Jason Kidd had a chance to give the Mavs the win but failed to hit the buzzer beater. Brook Lopez, who missed most of the Nets season with a broken foot, had 38 points. The former Mr. Kardashian, Kris Humphries, had a double double with 15 rebounds. But the most important name swimming around Dallas was Deron Williams.


Williams has been rumored to reunite with his hometown team when he becomes a free agent this off season. This appears a lot more likely with the looming trade deadline and no Dwight Howard for the Nets. Williams wants to play for a contender, and with the Nets roster as is, it is far from a playoff team. If Deron does leave the Nets, it may be hard for them to gain much of a following when they move to Brooklyn next season.

Brandon Roy planning his comeback for this year

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Way back on May 10th I wrote that Brandon Roy was considering coming back to the NBA. But it was not something very positive and it seemed as if he was just pandering to the press. Now Roy seems to have done a 180, saying he is ready to play at the beginning of next season. Where he will go is up in the air, but he will definitely be able to land a roster spot anywhere he wants if he shows he is healthy.


Roy is a great player, but sadly for me I can only think of the Colorado Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy whenever I hear Brandon’s name. Which leads to pronunciation issues, Roy is pronounced “WA” for the NHL goalie, yet that is the way I say the last name of Brandon as well. Relevant? No, but the hope is I find someone out there who also does this.

The who, what, when, and where for Moe Harkless

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With the NBA Draft coming up this thursday I thought I would throw my scouting hat into the ring. Most of your analyst haven’t watched these players actually play live. Myself on the other hand, well I saw every game Moe Harkless played in last year for St. John’s.


We will start with my comparison, to give you an idea of what kind of player Harkless can be in the NBA. Most scouts have been saying Harkless compares to Trevor Ariza, but he reminds me a whole lot more of Nicolas Batum. Batum is 6’8 while Harkless is 6’9, both weigh in at about 195 pounds. The similarities come in with play style, both are great scorers but could improve from beyond the arc. Not only that but neither player has very high assist numbers, something negative about them both.


While he does share substantial similarities with Nicolas Batum, there is one area where Moe Harkless comes out on top. Harkless is far and away a better rebounder, and not only that but he is also an adequate shot blocker. With those defensive skills Harkless could definitely surpass the Batum comparison and become a player as good as Grant Hill. But that wont be for a while, Harkless still needs to develop.



Harkless is a guy who can make an immediate impact against great competition. In his Big East debut against Providence, Harkless dropped 32 points, the most ever in a players first game in conference play. The old record holder? Allen Iverson. Now that is some damn good company.



That one little record wasn’t the only accolade that Harkless took home on the season. He was also named Big East Rookie Of The Year, an honor that cant be ignored considering the Big East is one of the toughest conferences in the NCAA. Not only did he play well in the Big East, but he also did his fair share against the tough schools like Duke and Kentucky. Further proof of his ability to jump in against high competition.



So where does this all leave Moe in the draft? I think the earliest he goes is at the 10 spot with the New Orleans Hornets. The furthest Harkless will drop will be the Houston Rockets, who can take him with either the 14th or the 16th pick. Personally I would love to see the Hornets get him just to see Moe get the chance to play alongside Anthony Davis.


And that is a wrap. All that is left to say is good luck to the St. John’s alum. No matter where he goes Moe will do the Johnnies proud.




James Harden continues to be this years invisible man

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are down 3-1 to the Miami Heat. No team has ever come back from that deficit in the NBA Finals. Part of the reason the Thunder are feeling down is because James Harden, the 6th man of the year, would have been better off just staying on the bench.


Game 1, Harden had 5 points. Game 2 he had 21, but the Thunder lost and he committed two big turnovers and was in foul trouble. Game 3 he had 9 points while in foul trouble again. And last night, arguably his worst performance, Harden had 8 points, 4 turnovers, and 5 fouls. The numbers tell the story, Harden is the anti-clutch, a role that Lebron James had once been stuck with. Time to shave the beard, guy, nobody finds it funny anymore, especially when you are single handedly losing your team games.

If USA doesn’t take home the Gold, Kobe says they shouldn’t bother coming home

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Kobe Bryant has been chock-full of things to say ever since he joined Team USA for training camp. First he said that this years squad would be able to beat the 1992 Dream Team. Following that proclamation, he challenged commissioner David Stern on his age restriction idea. And finally, Kobe has said that if the USA basketball team doesn’t win the gold medal, then the whole team should have their American citizenship revoked. To be honest, now I’m rooting against them just to see if Kobe will keep his word.