Lil Wayne continues to complain about the OKC treatment

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First off, Lil Wayne is an imbecile who has such little talent compared to most musicians. That said, the guy also thinks he is king of the world and deserves special treatment. A couple of weeks ago he was denied entrance to the Thunder Spurs game because he did not have a ticket. He thought that just because he was famous that he deserved to get in, and then he called out the franchise for not letting him in.


So for game 1 Wayne does decide to purchase a ticket, and of course he is allowed in. But apparently being a part of the crowd is not enough and he is still upset that he wasn’t treated like the God he somehow thinks he is. This just gives me more reason to root for the Thunder and against this bandwagon moron.

Gerald Green throws down the dunk of the year

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Many people were raving that the Blake Griffin dunk over Kendrick Perkins was the dunk of the year. Personally I never really felt that, and after seeing this dunk by the Nets Gerald Green I am even more sure what the true dominant dunk is. MarShon Brooks was the man who threw it up to Green for the ally 0op, but this wasn’t just your everyday all oop. This was a windmill with my head over the rim kind of ally oop. Nothing left to say but nasty.

A headline from had some questionable content

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Size limitations may prevent you from reading this, but it is a pretty telling headline. It reads “Sorry Celtics fans, but a Heat-Thinder clash in the NBA Finals would be heaven for true hoops fans.” Yea, and this was before game 7 even started. The Heat outplayed the Celtics badly in that game, but you still gotta think it is a little ridiculous that the NBA official website is picking favorites.

James Harden continues to be this years invisible man

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are down 3-1 to the Miami Heat. No team has ever come back from that deficit in the NBA Finals. Part of the reason the Thunder are feeling down is because James Harden, the 6th man of the year, would have been better off just staying on the bench.


Game 1, Harden had 5 points. Game 2 he had 21, but the Thunder lost and he committed two big turnovers and was in foul trouble. Game 3 he had 9 points while in foul trouble again. And last night, arguably his worst performance, Harden had 8 points, 4 turnovers, and 5 fouls. The numbers tell the story, Harden is the anti-clutch, a role that Lebron James had once been stuck with. Time to shave the beard, guy, nobody finds it funny anymore, especially when you are single handedly losing your team games.

D-Will showing signs that he intends to move with the Nets to Brooklyn

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While absolutely nothing is set in stone, it appears as if Deron Williams will remain with the Nets as they make their Brooklyn debut. Just last week D-Will went all the way out to Russia to meet with the Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov (not positive that is correct spelling, I wanted to try it out and hope for the best.) This week he has been seen sporting the new Nets gear while watching the free agency camp.



The only real competition for the Nets is Dallas. The Mavericks will have the cap space to give Williams and nice contract, and of course the fact that D-Will is from the area helps their cause. Williams says that he is the only person that knows what he will do. However it seems pretty, pretty, pretty, obvious he is staying in Brooklyn. And that is great for basketball in New York. And I mean, come on, look how stylish his teammate Brook Lopez looks in that Brooklyn gear. Of course D-Will is gonna stay to rock this stuff.

Michael Jordan DOES wear terrible outfits sometimes

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There will definitely be a Michael Jordan wardrobe pic selected for this daily post every now and again.  Tons of pics online of this guy rocking one of the most embarrassing wardrobes in the game right now.  He’s worth hundreds of millions, owns his own clothing line, and is famous-  how does no one tell this guy he looks awful when he walks out of the bedroom?

After putting up an ugly shot, Javale McGee hustles back to play defense, his teammates had a different plan

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Javale McGee has been the punchline of everyones jokes today, which is more impressive considering how bad his Wizards are. After throwing up a circus shot that had very little chance of going in, McGee put his head down and hustled back to play some defense. The problem was his team got the offensive rebound. One of the funniest parts is the reaction of anger from point guard John Wall. Wall gave an angry stare into the back court as he waited for McGee to realize he was all alone.