Stat reading to the kiddies

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A month or so ago I posted about Amare Stoudemire and his new book. Now it appears to be out, as we see Stat huddled with the kiddies reading it. The synopsis is one of you classic little Scholastic books. A young Stat is the friendly little kid with a knack for basketball. When bullies try to ruin the fun of Amare and friends, he takes over in a little game of hoops. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Go out and buy it and support Stat’s cute little endeavor.

Mike Bibby finally becomes a true member of the New York Knicks

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Jeremy Lin? Out for the season. Baron Davis? Stomach bug. Raymond Felton? Right, we traded him. Toney Douglas? Good joke. Finally the stars aligned for Sir Michael Bibby to get his chance to run the point. All right, he wasn’t actually knighted. And he isn’t actually that good anymore. But for some reason when the Knicks signed Bibby I saw things playing out a lot differently.


Well I got what I wanted last night as the Knicks beat up on Jersey. Melo had 33 coming off his recent triple double. Steve Novak and J.R. Smith combined for six threes off the bench, as they so often do. What we saw differently was Mike Bibby in the starting lineup. 8 points and 8 assist for Bibby, only 1 turnover. In 36 minutes, that is a damn good stat line for a 4th string point guard.


Now if you are wondering why the Mike Bibby obsession exist, I will let you in on a little secret. He dominates in NBA 2K10. Last year there were quite a few times where loud sounds erupted from my dorm room as Mike Bibby drained a game winning three. That after dropping about 40 points. So last night I finally got to shriek again, screaming MICHAELLL BIBBBYYYYYYYYY!

John Starks dunks hard over Jordan and the Bulls, can he get much higher?

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John Starks is the star of arguably the most famous play in the history of the Knicks. In 1993 the Knickerbockers hosted the Bulls in the playoffs as they so often did. Starks would be the beneficiary of a screen by Patrick Ewing that led to a massive dunk. The dunk happened to be over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan. Now this is made extra special by the fact Jordan had done this to the Knicks on several occasions, one of which being the low point in Patrick Ewings career. A highlight he can not escape. Luckily Knicks fans have this play in their back pocket if a Bulls fan ever tries talking trash.


I was going to use I believe I can fly, but that would be way too easy. I did not go with the cliche song, somehow I have a friend that likes Creed. And somehow I have to admit they have quite the catchy rock ballad from 1999. So that is how I found the song I really wanted to go with. Higher goes perfectly with the Starks Dunk. The chorus is simple, “can you take me higher?” I am quite sure that Starks could not have taken his team any higher then he did on that dunk.

Calls us all haters.   Ok.  If you say so.

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There it is D Wade!   You told them.   Strutting up to that microphone wearing your tight pink pants all confidently-  throwing a jab that you think makes you sound cool.    It didn’t, all it did was pretty much just annoy everyone even more.

I wish I could say the rest of the interview was enjoyable,  but I turned it off as soon as Lebron started giggling like a little school girl at D Wades joke.



Stay tuned for the next round of Playoffs when Wade rolls out his latest fashions.   Have a safe weekend everyone!  Happy Memorial Day.   Be safe, designate a driver, wear protection and all that good stuff responsible adults usually say.

The Toronto Raptors are this weeks recipient of one of the best jerseys in the Associations history

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The Vince Carter era was the highlight of the Toronto Raptors history. While playing North of the border, Vinsanity was able to sport some pretty sweet uniforms. This one takes the cake though. It is a Raptor, right there just smacked on the jersey. Every little dude grew up loving dinosaurs, seeing that red Raptor thrown on a teams kit made me an instant fan. For this childhood nostalgia, the good old Raptors jersey gets the spot in our first Jersey of the Week segment.

The Celtics sign 25 year old rookie Dionte Christmas

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Every year, the Boston Celtics seem be playing on Christmas day. This year, Christmas will come early for Boston, as they sign the 25-year-old Dionte Christmas.  Now lets be honest here, if Christmas didn’t have such a fun and festive name, he probably wouldn’t be worth writing about. That being said, he did have a pretty stellar career over at Temple. After his freshman season, he never averaged less then 19.5 points per game. He was also a pretty good rebounder for a shooting guard. So with that, Boston will be able to celebrate Christmas every day. Well, that is until he gets cut.

Dwight Howard, playing the role of Donald Trump, without the actual power

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Dwight Howard has been an issue all year. His name was on the trading block all season, per his request. Finally he had decided to give the Magic another year and all the controversy was gone. But then he had a hissy fit as Orlando was getting blown out by the Knicks. And now he is calling for the head of Coach Stan Van Gundy. Howard doesn’t like Van Gundy, he has shown this on and off the court. But if the Magic decide to fire Stan-Van just because of Howard, then this organization will have bigger problems. Dwight will inevitably leave and then the team wont have a good coach or a good player. I am calling it now; if Stan Van Gundy is fired after this season, the Magic will forever be cursed by the Van Gundy family.