Mike Woodson will return to coach the New York Knicks

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We have quite a bit of coaching news today. There is the firing of Stan Van Gundy, the reports about Mike D’Antoni, and finally a bit of good news. All reports point to Mike Woodson signing a new 3 year deal to coach the Knickerbockers. Woodson led the Knicks into the postseason and got them their first playoff win in what felt like 30 or 40 years.


One of the main things to note in Woodson’s return is the fact that Carmelo Anthony has repeatedly said he wants Mike to be the coach. Melo was the main reason D’Antoni decided to call it quits, and as we saw in Orlando the superstar often dictates the coaches fate. Luckily Woodson is on Melo’s good side, and he was rewarded with a nice new contract. Lets just hope that friendship can last through the year.

St. John’s freshman star may be ready to head on up to the NBA, a bittersweet proclamation

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Recently news has broken that Moe Harkless of the St. John’s Red Storm may be on his way to entering the NBA Draft. As someone who has covered Harkless all season, I can say for sure that he is ready to go. But that certainly does not mean I want him to go. St. John’s had a bit of a rough season this year, and if not for Harkless it could have been even worse. I pulled a couple of quotes from the twitter of head coach Steve Lavin, I’ll throw my two cents on what I think of them but I will let you be the judge first.


“Associated with college hoops for 25 years as assistant, head coach + broadcaster. If Mo chooses to pursue HIS DREAM it gives us traction!”


“Would luv to have Mo back but returning nucleus combined with our soon to be incoming 2012 class will position Johnnies for return to NCAA!!”


“Regardless of Moe’s ultimate decision he is a very thoughtful and intelligent person with a BRIGHT future in basketball.”

These quotes to me seem to indicate that coach Lavin believes Harkless is more than likely to enter the draft. Either way I think Harkless will be fine. Obviously another year in college can only help to polish his game, but as someone who watched him first hand, I can say he does have the talent to be a great NBA player. Going back to the tweets from Steve Lavin, I do think Moe is going to test the waters of the draft, where some believe he may head to the Nets. I have mentioned before that it would be a wise marketing move for the soon to be Brooklyn Nets to have a hometown kid in their first season in a new city. From a selfish perspective though I certainly hope Moe gives St. John’s one more go.

The Los Angeles Lakers win the Steve Nash sweepstakes

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While the Knicks and Raptors were arguing about Landry Fields, the Los Angeles Lakers snuck up and grabbed Steve Nash. Now this means quite a number of things. The Lakers, already a top tier team in the west, now become even more of a title contender. This also means they may have lost interest in trading for Dwight Howard, as they only have so much money to go around. But all this is trivial to Knicks fans, there is a lot more important stuff going on in the Atlantic time zone.



Steve Nash, a two time MVP, a guy that Amare Stoudemire had his best years with, a player that really could have helped the Knicks. That said I am glad the Knicks stood their ground and opted against trading Iman Shumpert. Shump is a future all defensive team point guard. The kid has a ton of talent, and when you are good at defense, you can only get better. Unlike offense, defense doesn’t come in streaks, if you have the effort then you can only get better. And Shump will certainly continue to improve.

Even at a the ripe age of 6 kids are still learning to hate the Miami Heat

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Apparently this kids mother thought it would be funny to film her kid crying after the Heat beat the Thunder in game 3. She was right, it was hysterical. My favorite part is when the kids mother tells him the series isn’t over yet. Even at the age of 20 I still start crying when the Rangers lose one game in the beginning of the season, at least this kid has an excuse.

This week the Madison Square Garden will be hosting all the Big East teams as they compete to be the best in the Conference

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The Big East tournament will kickoff today with a plethora of great games. DePaul and reigning NCAA champs UConn will start the action at 12. Following that game, my St. John’s Red Storm will take on Pittsburgh at around 2. A full slate of games will be played today, later tonight at around 7 Providence will battle with Seton Hall and at 9 Villanova will try to take down Rutgers. If any of these teams manage to make it to the final game of the Big East Tournament, it will mean they will have to play 5 games in 5 days. UConn accomplished this last year and that seemed to work out perfectly for them. It doesn’t matter how bad of a season any of these teams had up until today, if they can win out, then they will earn a bid to the NCAA tournament.

Amare Stoudemire believes he will be back in time for the postseason run

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Tonight the Knicks will head out to Cleveland to play the Cavs. Joining the Knicks may be our old friend Amare Stoudemire. Stat has been out with the bulging disk in his back since March 24th. While Dwight Howard, who has the same injury, is reportedly out for the season and post season, Amare will be coming back to play tonight.


Stat is expected to return to the starting 5. Melo has been playing the power forward position in Amare’s absence. So who comes out of the starting lineup? It may have to be Landry Fields who has had an absolutely horrendous sophomore season. That would put Baron Davis at the point and Shumpert at shooting guard. A healthy Amare could make this team a massive playoff threat.

Lebron James awarded for his play in the Regular Season

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So Lebron James has been awarded MVP for the 3rd time in his NBA career. Lets all give a round of applause to celebrate his stellar regular season play. Sure he didn’t hit any clutch shots, and yea maybe he wasn’t even the best player on his own team (looking at you Wade.) But hey, Lebron needs any little confidence boost he can get. Great job there guy, I would say you really earned it but everyone knows that is not quite true.