Derrick Rose will be out 8-12 months

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The top seeded Bulls are currently watching the NBA playoffs on T.V. First went down Rose, followed by Joakim Noah. On the bright side, Noah will be fine for next season. On the dark side…..the force (Star Wars pun) that was Derrick Rose may be out of commission all season with his torn ACL. And after that time frame he still may not be back in the Association.



An injured Rose will not keep the Bulls from a postseason berth next year, but it will certainly keep them from being a contender. Throw in the fact that when he does come back, he may never be the same player. It will be quite a long year in Chicago as Bulls fans wait and see what Derrick Rose will be. But at least Rose will have his skittles to keep him happy. Seriously though, this picture is the happiest I have ever seen the guy.

Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen think playing for their country should be our privilege, not theirs

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There are a lot of greedy owners and a lot of greedy players in the NBA. We saw that with the minor lockout during this season. But the amount of greed from this situation really rustles my jimmies. Both Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade have expressed why they think they deserve compensation for playing in the Olympics. What they are forgetting is that the Olympics are supposed to be for amateurs, people living out their dream and making a name for themselves. But now since you have added professionals, it was only a matter of time before they started barking for more cash.

Wade and Allen list the reason that they must play extra time in their offseason. While it is true that they do have to put in extra time, it is not like it is a detriment to their game. They would be practicing anyway during the offseason, they might as well practice with the best. Imagine the Dream Team who had a historic Olympic performance, imagine them asking for money. They wouldn’t, they did it for the country, for the history, for the pride. One person who has particiapted doesn’t agree with Wade and Allen. Believe it or not, Lebron has stated that he plays for the love of the game. And now for something I will never say again, more players should be like Lebron.


Michael Beasley gets a little too comfy on the bench

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This clip pretty much speaks for itself. Michael Beasley of the Twolves went to rub his leg while getting a little break on the bench. It wasn’t a break from the action however, as he ended up getting closer to teammate Anthony Tolliver. It took Beas a solid 3 seconds to realize that he was rubbing his teammates knee rather than his own.

New weHOOPny segment features 90′s NBA highlights complimented by a throwback song of the decade

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Since I started working at this site I’ve been wanting to figure out how to incorporate more things I am passionate about, other then basketball. Finally I can show my love of the 90′s with a tune from the final few years of the millennium along with some of basketballs greatest moments. So for Week One I present to you the song ‘I Wish’, by Skee-Lo. The song actually happens to have a basketball theme to it. But I wont strictly stick to songs like that so enjoy this classic beat and keep reading for a chance to relive the original Dream Team.




1992 was the first year that NBA players joined the American squad in the Olympics. The team was: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls, John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors (and formally of St. John’s), David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs, and Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76ers. Oh and not to mention they later added Clyde Drexler of the Blazers and Christian Laettner of Duke. Laettner was the only college player of the squad, he actually beat out Shaq for the last spot on the team. So you could imagine when this team hit the court they dominated the competition. They beat their opposition by an average of 44 points per game , with one blowout of Angola by 68 points. They easily beat Croatia to take home the Gold medal in the finals. The team as a whole is a member of the Hall Of Fame, and many experts consider it the greatest team of athletes ever formed. They were kind of a big deal.

Kevin Love keeps on rolling in the month of March with his third 40 point game of the calendar

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Kevin Love is in the midst of an a excellent season. Earlier this year I wrote about Love being the prime candidate for MVP. Since Ricky Rubio went down the Twolves have fallen out of the playoffs, but Love has still been playing hard to try to keep his team afloat. Minnesota sits three games out of the eight spot in the west, unfortunately they probably wont be playing in the postseason without Rubio. This also means any chance of winning the MVP award will go up in smoke. But what Love has done all year is still impressive, especially since he is no longer receiving passes from Rubio.



So finally lets get to last night. Love had 40 points and 19 rebounds. Numbers like that have only been seen by Love and Dwight Howard in recent memory. All right, granted this time it came against the Bobcats, Love has done this against real teams, like the Thunder. Love hit a game tying three against the one seeded Oklahoma City Thunder to send his Timberwolves to overtime. He had 50 points in that game. The guy is clutch, plain and simple. A full season of Rubio and Love next year will be trouble for the NBA.

Jason Kidd may return to the Nets, albeit in a different state

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. As the Nets leave New Jersey for Brooklyn, part of their Garden State past may just follow. Jason Kidd has expressed interest in returning to the Nets, an organization he spent 6 plus seasons with. Now the question is does the Kidd, who is in his late 30′s, sign with the Nets to be Deron Williams back up, or does he sign to be there starter if D-Will leaves. No matter where Kidd goes, the team that signs him will be getting a championship winning point guard who is bound for the hall of fame.

Jeremy Lin does it again, assist the Knicks to their third win in a row

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Michael Scott once said, fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice…..strike three. Well I have officially struck out on Jeremy Lin. I thought it was just a lucky game at first. Then I figured he was just on a little hot streak, everybody gets one. But after watching him dish the ball tonight, I must say that Lin is as real as the food at a Chinese restaurant is actually chicken. Actually scratch that, Jeremy Lin is as good as his high school average, 100% awesome.

Lin had a career high 10 assist tonight. But it was the way he dished the ball that really caught my eye. Through the smallest holes Lin was able to skip the ball through and avoid all of the Wizards players. Steve Novak had 19 points off of 5 threes. Novak was often found wide open after great passes from Lin. Lin has some of the best eyes I have seen from a Knicks point guard all season. He would have had even more points of Tyson Chandler wasn’t getting hacked and sent to the free throw line after every Lin pass.

The Knicks went on to win this game by a final of 107-93. John Wall had 29 points for the Wiz while Chandler led the Knicks with 25. Lin had 23 points and 4 rebounds to go along with the 10 assist. The Knickerbockers were without Melo who is out with a strained groin and Amar’e who is in Florida mourning the loss of his brother. The lack of the two Knicks superstars only makes the Lin show even more impressive.