It was all Knicks in their blowout win against the Hawks tonight

Keywords: atlanta hawks, hotlanta, jeremy lin, steve novak, melo

The Knicks and Hawks combined for 45 turnovers. With the Jeremy Lin effect rubbing off on both teams, it would be a game of who cashed in on those turnovers. I’ll just skip to the good part, it was the Knickerbockers who came out on top, and it was never really even close. Steve GIVE ME NOVAKAINE Novak and his 5 three pointers led the Knicks to a 99-82 win over the Hawks.


Jeremy Lin did his usual thing, 17 points, 9 assist, just another day at the office. As weird it is to say, his 4 turnovers were actually an improvement considering how often he has been coughing up the rock. Melo continued to struggle, he shot below 50% while contributing just 15 points. I’m not sipping the haterade on Melo yet though, I’ll wait until a few more games till I do that.

Also important to note, the Hawks have Tracy McGrady on their team. Yep, Tracy McGrady is still in the league. I was just as shocked as you might be.