With the Warriors and Bucks dealing some big names things are finally heating up in the trade department

Keywords: trade deadline, warriors, bucks, andrew bogut, monta ellis

Monta Ellis has been dealt from the Golden State Warriors in Exchange for Andrew Bogut of the Milwaukee Bucks. Well, and some other guys were thrown in as well. The Warriors were forced to take on Stephen Jackson and his attitude problem while the Bucks picked up Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown. In the end though the main point of the trade was the swap of the two bigger names.


Andrew Bogut is a great center, he is tops in rebounding while also being able to put up about 12 points on any give night. The problem with Bogut though is that he never plays. The often injured big man has played in just 12 games this season and still has not returned to the game. Ellis on the other hand is a great scorer and passer, with 22 points and 6 assist per game he is a force on the floor. The issue with Monta was just one of the system. The Warriors were a very small team and they needed a big man like Andrew Bogut. If Bogut sees the floor then this will be a great trade for both teams, if not the Bucks are the easy winners.