It is with a heavy heart that I announce the playoff loss of my fantasy team, Basketball Reasons

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Well it is all over, we have finally had the last nail hammered into our coffin. Basketball Reasons has been taken down by the slightest of margins. My 6-6 squad could not force the upset special against the 11-1 La Casa Roja, managed by the great mind of Jose Benitez. His one loss did come against me earlier in the season. We used to be known as the Big League Chewers, but that named was much better applied to my baseball team.


Russell Westbrook was my star, but his God awful shooting percentage ended up costing me many a fantasy point. Former Knicks great David Lee was my real team player with more double doubles then I could keep track of. I traded Amare for Rubio, a deal that would end horribly with Ricky having a season ending injury. But we kept trudging along and after two hard fought weeks, we are officially out of it.