The Knicks and Nets rivalry is finally beginning to heat up

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The Brooklyn block party has been going on ever since the Nets left New Jersey. Recently the Nets had a rally in the borough with all of 1,000 fans in attendance. Yep, looks like attendance issues will remain for the Nets. Anyway, Brooklyn mayor (or president or something) Marty Markowitz went on an absolute rant against the New York Knicks.


“For nearly 40 years the Manhattan Knicks have shown they can’t bring a championship to New York, so it’s going to take the Brooklyn Nets to get the job done. So move over Manhattan — enough air balls. You had your chance.”


“Now that the Barclays Center is in town, the national basketball spotlight is focused on Brooklyn’s big stage and Madison Square Garden just doesn’t have the same sparkle anymore. By the way, for any Brooklynites still rooting for the Manhattan Knicks: as of November and on, I’m giving you fair warning: it’s treason to support the outer borough’s team over our Brooklyn Nets.”



The Knicks haven’t had any real rivalries since the 90′s. Finally though it looks like we will have a real competition on our hands. But who will win the battle of the boroughs?