The return of Carmelo Anthony has proven troublesome for the Knicks record

Keywords: carmelo anthony, jeremy lin, trade, gallo, donnie walsh

A little more than a year ago the Knicks made a massive roster shake up in acquiring Carmelo Anthony. A move I will critique a bit later. First off, it is not even worth going over the dreadful effort the Knicks put up against the Spurs last night. Ever since Melo returned from injury the Knicks starters have struggled and the record has deteriorated. The Knicks were on top of the world when Jeremy Lin was working his magic, the second Melo got back that chemistry was destroyed and now Lin is apprehensive to do anything on the floor. Is Melo the problem? I say yes, and I am also one of the few who has been saying that since before Donnie Walsh was forced to make the trade for the cocky super star.


Since Carmelo Anthony has joined the Knicks, the Nuggets are the team that has had the better record. Danilo Gallinari has become a force in Denver, playing a strong game while also having a beautiful outside shot, a match up nightmare. Timofey Mozgov has developed into a nice little piece as a back up center. Melo on the other hand has come in to New York and made this team worse than they had been. He has developed no chemistry with any of the Knicks players and so far it looks like he will be the reason Linsanity comes to an end. The Knicks gave up a lot to get Melo, and he has yet to give any of that back.