Jeremy Lin does it again, assist the Knicks to their third win in a row

Keywords: jeremy lin, knicks, tyson chandler, john wall, wizards, steve novak

Michael Scott once said, fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice…..strike three. Well I have officially struck out on Jeremy Lin. I thought it was just a lucky game at first. Then I figured he was just on a little hot streak, everybody gets one. But after watching him dish the ball tonight, I must say that Lin is as real as the food at a Chinese restaurant is actually chicken. Actually scratch that, Jeremy Lin is as good as his high school average, 100% awesome.

Lin had a career high 10 assist tonight. But it was the way he dished the ball that really caught my eye. Through the smallest holes Lin was able to skip the ball through and avoid all of the Wizards players. Steve Novak had 19 points off of 5 threes. Novak was often found wide open after great passes from Lin. Lin has some of the best eyes I have seen from a Knicks point guard all season. He would have had even more points of Tyson Chandler wasn’t getting hacked and sent to the free throw line after every Lin pass.

The Knicks went on to win this game by a final of 107-93. John Wall had 29 points for the Wiz while Chandler led the Knicks with 25. Lin had 23 points and 4 rebounds to go along with the 10 assist. The Knickerbockers were without Melo who is out with a strained groin and Amar’e who is in Florida mourning the loss of his brother. The lack of the two Knicks superstars only makes the Lin show even more impressive.