A clutch 3 pointer from Jeremy Lin gets the Knicks the 90-87 win as Amar’e returns from bereavement

Keywords: jeremy lin, amare stoudemire, raptors, jose calderon, henrik lundqvist

With less then a second left to play in tonights game, Jeremy Lin pulled up over Jose Calderon and drained the game winning three. The shot from way downtown was just 3 of the 27 points Lin had tonight. The Knicks finished the game on a 13-1  run to overcome the 4th quarter deficit. With Amar’ Stoudemire returning to the lineup Lin looked to feed Stat early and often. Stat finished on most of his chances from Lin who had 11 assist on the night, good enough for his second double double. Stat had 21 points as the surging Knicks led to the extinction of the Raptors.

 New York is shining bright right now. Up in Boston, Henrik Lundqvist picked up his 7th shutout of the season as the Rangers beat up on the Bruins 3-0. Many have begun referring to the Rangers keeper as “LINDQVIST” as the Linsanity continues to spread. While this is all in good fun, Hank is still considered to be the King of New York. Jeremy Lin is far from being in the same league as Lundqvist.  The Rangers and Knicks both have a tough act to follow after the Giants Superbowl win, but at the moment both teams are helping to show why New York is the greatest sports town in the world.



And if you were wondering if I am going to continue milking the Pearl Jam references, the answer is a very hard yes.