Miami bumps out the Pacers after a Game 6 victory

Keywords: dwyane wade, lebron james, mike miller


41 points and 10 rebounds from Dwyane Wade. 28 points, 7 assist, and 6 rebounds from Lebron. And finally 12 points for Mike Miller. Okay that last one wasn’t really close to being important, but the first two are. Lebron and Wade have put the Heat back in the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year.


So with that the Heat only have one more question. Well actually two come to think of it. First up, will they face the 76ers or the Celtics? Second, will Chris Bosh finally be able to play? The answer to the second question really dictates the better matchup for the Heat.


Without Bosh it will be incredibly tough to get past the Celtics defense. Then again Bosh would not effect a series against the 76ers too much. So with that, if Bosh is back, Heat want the Celtics, if not then they definitely want the 76ers.