Derrick Rose will be out 8-12 months

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The top seeded Bulls are currently watching the NBA playoffs on T.V. First went down Rose, followed by Joakim Noah. On the bright side, Noah will be fine for next season. On the dark side…..the force (Star Wars pun) that was Derrick Rose may be out of commission all season with his torn ACL. And after that time frame he still may not be back in the Association.



An injured Rose will not keep the Bulls from a postseason berth next year, but it will certainly keep them from being a contender. Throw in the fact that when he does come back, he may never be the same player. It will be quite a long year in Chicago as Bulls fans wait and see what Derrick Rose will be. But at least Rose will have his skittles to keep him happy. Seriously though, this picture is the happiest I have ever seen the guy.