Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen think playing for their country should be our privilege, not theirs

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There are a lot of greedy owners and a lot of greedy players in the NBA. We saw that with the minor lockout during this season. But the amount of greed from this situation really rustles my jimmies. Both Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade have expressed why they think they deserve compensation for playing in the Olympics. What they are forgetting is that the Olympics are supposed to be for amateurs, people living out their dream and making a name for themselves. But now since you have added professionals, it was only a matter of time before they started barking for more cash.

Wade and Allen list the reason that they must play extra time in their offseason. While it is true that they do have to put in extra time, it is not like it is a detriment to their game. They would be practicing anyway during the offseason, they might as well practice with the best. Imagine the Dream Team who had a historic Olympic performance, imagine them asking for money. They wouldn’t, they did it for the country, for the history, for the pride. One person who has particiapted doesn’t agree with Wade and Allen. Believe it or not, Lebron has stated that he plays for the love of the game. And now for something I will never say again, more players should be like Lebron.