Kevin Love keeps on rolling in the month of March with his third 40 point game of the calendar

Keywords: kevin love, mvp, ricky rubio, twovles, 8 seed


Kevin Love is in the midst of an a excellent season. Earlier this year I wrote about Love being the prime candidate for MVP. Since Ricky Rubio went down the Twolves have fallen out of the playoffs, but Love has still been playing hard to try to keep his team afloat. Minnesota sits three games out of the eight spot in the west, unfortunately they probably wont be playing in the postseason without Rubio. This also means any chance of winning the MVP award will go up in smoke. But what Love has done all year is still impressive, especially since he is no longer receiving passes from Rubio.



So finally lets get to last night. Love had 40 points and 19 rebounds. Numbers like that have only been seen by Love and Dwight Howard in recent memory. All right, granted this time it came against the Bobcats, Love has done this against real teams, like the Thunder. Love hit a game tying three against the one seeded Oklahoma City Thunder to send his Timberwolves to overtime. He had 50 points in that game. The guy is clutch, plain and simple. A full season of Rubio and Love next year will be trouble for the NBA.