With playoff basketball still a few weeks away, I predict the NHL postseason

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When April and May come around there is always so much excitement in the air. The weather is warm, spring semester is coming to an end and the NHL and NBA playoffs are going strong. Now while I am a basketball writer, my real team is the New York Rangers. They are far and away my favorite franchise in all of sports. Unfortunately however I have a few nerves for their upcoming matchup against the Ottawa Senators. And no, I am not a genie like Shaq was in Kazzaam, but my foresight shall be quite accurate.


While my pessimism is running high, I do still have the Rangers beating the Sens in 6. Bruins over Caps, Devils “upset” the Panthers, and Penguins outlast the Flyers in 7. In the west my upset special is Jonathan Quick and the Kings over the 1 seeded Canucks in 6 games. Blackhawks beat the Coyotes, Blues beat the Sharks, and the Red Wings take down the Predators. That makes second round match ups of Rangers vs. Devils, Penguins vs. Bruins, Red Wings vs. Blackhawks and Kings vs. Blues. Rangers beat those pesky Devils in 5, Penguins handle the Bruins in 6, Wings take their series in 7 and the Kings continue rolling out the upsets.

Phew, that puts the Rangers into the Eastern Conference finals. Never thought I would be able to say that. Sadly the Penguins will take them out with the three headed offensive monster of Crosby, Malkin, and Neal. The Wings end the Kings run and head to the cup to face off against the Penguins once again. Jimmy Howard and Pavel Datsyuk take the series from the Penguins en route to yet another Stanley Cup in the Motor City.