J.R. Smith will have to make his contract decision by June 26th

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“I’m getting kind of spoiled right now, going up and down the Turnpike. My mom’s right there. She’s cooking. She’s coming up to New York and cleaning my place. After having that, I think it’s going to be harder off the court than it will be on the court [to leave]. On the court basketball is basketball everywhere. But you got your family and friends and everybody, so it will be tough.”

Today we start with the quote, thought we would change things up a bit. Anyway, the situation is simple, J.R. Smith has a player option with the Knicks and he needs to decide if he wants to exercise it or become a free agent by June 26th. From his own words it seems obvious he is staying in New York. But alas, we have a new team in New York, the Brooklyn Nets. I see this being a two team race, either J.R. will remain a Knickerbocker or he will head to the next borough over.