The Spurs continue taking care of business while the Grizzlies tie things up

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The first round of the NBA playoffs has been a bit predictable. Unfortunately not much changed after last nights slate of games. San Antonio continued their blowout of the Jazz, beating them 114-83. The ageless Tim Duncan had his second straight double double of the postseason, dropping 12 points while pulling down 13 boards. The Jazz for all intends and purposes, are done for.



Indy took care of business as the Pacers took a 2-1 lead over the Dwightless Magic. Orlando is lucky to steal one in this series, while Dwight Howard has been a malcontent all season he is still one of the top 5 players in the NBA. It is hard to win when you remove that from the lineup. That being said, the Pacers have not looked great themselves, and while they will take care of the Magic, the next round may look ugly in Indy.



And our final game comes from arguably the best series of the first round. The Grizzlies blew a massive lead in game 1 allowing the Clippers to win. Despite 29 points from Chris Paul, the Grizz Kidz were still able to weather the storm and tie up the series. This ought to be the most competitive series of the first round, that is unless you consider the bench of the Bulls vs. the 76ers entertaining. Which I do not.