The Brooklyn Nets will host the Knicks to open up the Barclays Center

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Ever since the Nets left New Jersey, fans in Brooklyn have been looking forward to this night. On November 1, the Barclays Center will be host to the New York Knicks, as Brooklyn opens up their new home. This rivalry has lacked flair in the past few years….well actually the Knicks and Nets have really never had a great rivalry. That has changed this offseason, as both teams have been trash talking the other as posturing begins to take over New York.



As good as this looks on paper, this may not be the best matchup for either team to begin their season. The Knicks and Nets are both works in progress. Both teams have lots of players that have never played together, not to mention a whole lot of new found pressure. This has all the makings of being a clunky and ugly-looking game. Not the best way to open up your new stadium.