76ers squeak by the Bulls and head to the 2nd round for first time since ’03

Keywords: bulls, 76ers, andre iguodala


The Bulls had the game in theirs hands with just seconds to go. And ¬†then they lost it by missing two free throws. This is something has haunted them all year, Derrick Rose was the ringleader of missing clutch free throws. The culprit tonight was Omer Asik. Theres actually supposed to be a couple of dots above his name but I don’t know how to do that kooky stuff on my keyboard.


So where Asik failed, Andre Iguodala succeeded. He made his free throws 2 seconds to go and led the 76ers on to the second round of the postseason. This was only the 5th time in NBA history that an 8 seed upset a 1 seed. In all fairness to the Bulls however they were without their MVP DRose and Joakim Noah was playing beat up. But championships aren’t won on paper, so the 76ers will head to the next round to face Boston Celtics.


You know I always forget how much I’m supposed to hate the 76ers. They are a Philly team but they are just so damn irrelevant in that town. And in the end, I guess I rather see them win over the Celtics.