Patrick Ewing was informed he would not be the next coach of the Bobcats

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The Charlotte Bobcats are coming off the worst season in the history of the NBA. They had all just 7 wins out of the 66 games they played. And according to the Bobcats, they do not think Patrick Ewing could make things better for the Cats. We wont get into all the draft lottery drama of the Bobcats, this is really about Ewing.



Patrick Ewing is arguably one of the greatest Knicks of all time. He has done his dues as an assistant coach and is more then deserving of a head coaching position. So why no to Ewing? As we know he worked so extensively with Dwight Howard, and even after that Howard is still a brat who has zero loyalty. Maybe the concern that if Ewing cant control just one player, it would be near impossible for him to control a whole team. Those are just my thoughts.