Metta World Peace reminisces about the offseason

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Usually I would start this up with a witty comment about Ron Artest. Unfortunately that wont be needed, as Ron provides all the humor you will need in this quote coming from his press conference following the Lakers elimination. He is discussing that the loss was not the fault of coach Mike Brown.

“Mike wasn’t out there guarding Kevin (Durant), That was me. Kevin scored on me. Mike didn’t throw turnovers at the end of the game. Mike didn’t miss a 3-point shot, I missed a 3-point shot. Mike didn’t come in out of shape……..He did come in out of shape, Actually, he is a fat-ass.”



I’m not sure how many players can get away with calling their coach a fatass. The thing is, this was quite a mellow press conference compared to what we could have gotten from Artest. Honestly Mike Brown should take it as a compliment. Oh, and don’t bother asking me what Ron Artest is doing in this picture, if I knew I would certainly tell you.