Jeremy Lin is sour over the way the Knicks handled his contract

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The Knicks have decided to match the $29 million offer sheet that Houston Rockets gave Jeremy Lin. This means that, pending trades, Lin will be a Knick for the next four years. And apparently Lin is none too happy about that. Rather then be excited over a big new contract and assurance he will get to stay in New York, Lin is whining that the deal didn’t get done sooner.


“He was surprised that the Knicks didn’t make the first move,’’ a league source said. “They know they’ve got to mend some fences with him because he believes what the Rockets have told him, that the Knicks weren’t as interested as they are.’’


Lin needs to stop being a baby. Just because you had ten good games doesn’t mean you have the right to be upset that an organization didn’t want to throw money away at you. Yes, Jeremy showed a ton of potential, but potential shouldn’t make you $30 million over the course of four years. Part of growing into your potential is showing maturity, and clearly Lin is lacking in that department.