The Charlotte Bobcats are looking past their historically bad season

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Last season the Charlotte Bobcats set the NBA record for the worst season ever. They had all of 7 wins and 59 losses. It was ugly, and for me, it was hilarious. As absolutely dreadful as they were last season, they might just be on their way up. Well, according to owner Michael Jordan. The same MJ who has quite a few records of his own.

“We’re trying to build a very strong culture in this franchise and I think we have the right personnel to do so. It can be a matter of time. It really all depends on how fast these kids develop.”


“Last year was one of those years where everything happened against us, I take full credit for that. Unfortunately those things happen. But I see an upside for this franchise without a doubt.”



In all honesty I think the Bobcats have a lot to be excited about. As much as I enjoyed their mediocrity, the Cats are on their way up. They just signed Ramon Sessions to run the point. With the 2nd overall pick in the draft they acquired the highly touted Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist joins a young core that also features Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo.  And we cant forget the addition of head coach Mike Dunlap, from my St. John’s Red Storm. It wont happen overnight, but the Bobcats are certainly on their way up.