The lack of Fab Melo may lead to an exit for the 1 seeded Syracuse Orange

Keywords: fab melo, syracuse orange, ncaa tournament, scoop jardine

So after getting a referee aided win again UNC Asheville in round 1, Syracuse headed to round 2 with some questions. While the final score of the 2nd round game against Kansas State looked like a blowout at 75-59, Syracuse hardly dominated the play. At the half they only had a one point lead. If not for the play of their other star, Scoop Jardine, the Orange would probably be sitting at home right now. At first I didn’t really think Fab Melo made that much of a difference. But now it is clear that without him the Orange will not have enough answers for their Sweet 16 matchup against the Wisconsin Badgers. I thought the image was an obvious joke, but the more I think about it the more it seems like this actually could have been written by Fab Melo. Because who would honestly be dumb enough to not get their work done before the biggest basketball tournament in the world?