Derek Fisher has a bittersweet return to Los Angeles, only bitter because his lingering resentment of the trade

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are 5-0 since signing Derek Fisher. Fisher was traded to Houston, who ended up waiving him. In that trade the Lakers got back former Knick Jordan Hill and a draft pick. If you consider yourself a diehard Knicks fan and you don’t remember Jordan Hill, then I do not fault you. So that being said, the trade was a bit of a slap in the face to Fisher, who had won 5 NBA Championships with Kobe and the Lakers. Fisher expressed some resentment about the deal, with all of his angst going against the front office, who he said gave him no heads up.



While the front office of the Lakers took a lot of heat from Fisher, the fans still showed their love as he returned to La La land last night. Fisher had 7 points in his Staples Center return but the real highlight of the night was the fans, including Jack Nicholson, giving Fisher a standing ovation as he entered the game. As great as the ovation was, I think Fisher must have enjoyed Russell Westbrook leading his Thunder to victory on the Lakers home court a whole lot more.