As the cameras are aimed at Jeremy Lin, one Knick has flown under the radar to help the team win

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As Linsanity continues to capture the imaginations of Knicks and NBA fans across the globe, there is a man on this Knicks team who is silently percolating to points no NBA aficionado could ever imagine.  Masked behind the Lindestructible Knicks winning streak is the role Jared Jeffries, yes, that Jared Jeffries, has assumed during the absence of all star power forward Amar’e Stoudemire.  Jeffries is notoriously known throughout the NBA as an inept offensive presence with just enough defensive prowess to keep him in the league, but man how that has changed under the new Linderella Knicks; and in fact it almost seems as if the emergence of Jeremy Lin has elevated Jared Jeffries to all star status.

What has impressed me the most with Jeffries’ play is his consistent dominance of the intangibles.  For example;  three games ago when the Knicks battled the Utah Jazz, Jeffries drew five offensive fouls throughout the game to keep the Knicks on pace with the Jazz. He did this while also adding 13 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals in a Knicks victory. Appropriately, the player of the game was Jeremy Lin, but the veteran play, leadership, and willingness to bang of Jeffries was the heartbeat behind what could become known as one of the key turnaround games of this Knicks season.

What has also impressed me about Jared Jeffries is his impeccable demeanor.  Throughout his Knicks career, (now in his second stint with the team), this is a man who was nothing but booed and criticized on the court, game in and game out.  It is mind boggling to think that this man wanted to return to New York around this time last season due to his past endeavors with the New York fans.  In recent games, Jeffries’ offensive confidence has rapidly grown, as he is noticeably trying to get himself involved in the offense and create shots for himself more than usual.  But through perseverance and professionalism, Jeffries has publicly earned the support of his head coach, and a standing ovation from the MSG crowd to boot.


Contributed by Jimmy Bacchioni