Kendrick Perkins calls out Lebron as twitter war begins

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Following the massive dunk that Blake Griffin put upon Kendrick Perkins the twitter world went crazy. One of those tweeters happened to be Lebron James who said; ”Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I’m No. 2 now. Move over #6″

Perkins was less then amused by the Lebron response. He responded with this in an interview with Yahoo Sports:

“You don’t see Kobe Bryant tweeting, You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you.

“At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play. They also are not tweeting about themselves talking about going down to No. 2, I just feel Lebron is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him.”

Now most people have not been fans of Lebron since his publicized decision to take his talents to south beach. Perkins took this opportunity to take his talents to the media and call out Lebron. Hey, Perkins is desperate to get people to stop talking about the domination Griffin thrust upon him with the dunk. Making people hate Lebron is always a good way to distract people.