Ice Cube’s Triple Double and Michael Jordan’s journey into and out of baseball

Keywords: michael jordan, ice cube, white sox, bulls, retirement, it was a good day


So last week I said that my songs wouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with basketball. But this week it just worked too well again. Ice Cube released It Was A Good Day in 1993, around the time our little walk down memory lane begins, but we will get to that later.

The reason I love this song is for when Ice Cube talks about playing pickup basketball and says “last week f****d around and got a triple double.” It was always funny to me when I imagined Ice Cube actually kept track of his stats during a pickup game. And of course to continue playing to the basketball theme, another moment of Cubes perfect day consist of watching the Lakers beat the Supersonics. And remember, this is 90′s rap, so throw on the earmuffs because language is a bit coarse.



While Ice Cube was messing around on the basketball court, one man stopped playing the game. That man would be Michael Jordan. Jordan announced his retirement on October 6th of 1993, quite a few months after Cubes song came out. Anyway, Jordan cited lack of passion for the game as his reason for retirement. That passion was lost as his father had been murdered shortly before Jordan retired. His father had always dreamed of Michael as a baseball player, so that is where Jordan headed.



Michael Jordan spent parts of 2 seasons playing within the Chicago White Sox organization. The first season without their superstar the Bulls did quite all right, going 55-27. But midway through the second season without MJ the Bulls were just 31-31. Jordan would down blow the sporting world away once again, simply announcing “I’m back.” Jordan led the Bulls back to the playoffs that season and following a series loss to the Magic, he led them on to their second three peat.