Kevin Love does a trim job that has him looking like a middle school kid

Keywords: kevin love, ricky rubio, haircut, twolves


On most nights Kevin Love is getting ready to be the feature player of the T-Wolves, pulling down 20 rebounds and dropping 30 points. Well n0w he looks like he is getting ready to go to junior prom. Love decided that it was time for a haircut, and Ricky Rubio decided it was time to tweet a picture of the now hairless Love. Behind the grizzly beard of the 23 year old appears to be what is a 14 year old. Lets see if the lack of beard effects the super stars game.



This is what Love looked like before the transformation. I gotta say this look is a lot more intimidating. Even I think I could take this new Kevin Love and I am vertically challenged. Well to be honest the actual middle school version of Love could probably still school me.