Jeremy Lin is injured, and all I want to talk about is the annoying pun headlines

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Jeremy Lin gets injured, and all I could think of was how many puns would be played once again on the whole”Lin” thing.  We’re all friends here, we’re all guilty of it-  Linsanity was everywhere, as a Knick fan it was impossible not to get excited,  you probably even dropped a few Lin puns down at the bar with your friends… nobody is judging you;  but they’re over now, it’s time to let go people. I’m not even talking about the guys career! I’m just talking about the annoying use of the puns in relation to his last name.


Onto more important things-  I feel bad for this guy, I really do.   Jeremy came in and pumped this city full of life at a time when Knick fans didn’t have much to get excited about.   There will always be the argument of whether or not Melo’s return was good or bad for the team, what’s important to remember is how this kid came and took this team to a new level when they needed it most.    If the Knicks make a strong run deep into the Playoffs, Lin will possibly see some court time pending a speedy and full recovery.


My opinion?   He’s a free agent at the end of this season, he had a stellar year, made a tremendous name for himself, and he’s still young enough to worry about his own health and future.   I think he should take the time he needs to properly heal so that he can enter the league next year and make a statement-  there’s nothing worse than a 1 hit wonder, and I have my fingers crossed Jeremy will grow to be a consistent player and team leader one day, whether that place by NY or any other city it’s important for Lin to approach his first real NBA injury with some caution so that he doesn’t throw the rest of a potentially great career right out the window.


p.s. whoever spends all their time making those chop-up videos for all the viral trends that hit the web, Thank You.   I spend tons of time on this computer every day and can maneuver around it with the best of em,   but I wouldn’t even know where to start in putting something like that together.