The biggest ovation the Raptors and Leafs have received all year came last night…..because of pizza

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Raptors fans have never really had much to be excited about. Yea Vince Carter was awesome for a little bit, but then he ditched them. So did Chris Bosh. As for the Maple Leafs, they are about to be the only team in the NHL that hasn’t made the playoffs since the lockout. So when fans have a chance for free pizza in Toronto, they go absolutely nuts, even if their team is getting blown out. Basically if the Raptors score 100 points they get a free pizza from the creatively named Pizza Pizza. The best part of the whole thing is Magic coaches Stan Van Gundy’s reaction.


“I mean, everybody’s on their feet, standing ovation and the whole thing and then a guy in the crowd next to me sitting baseline said everybody gets a free pizza, so I guess that was exciting,” Van Gundy said. “That was the loudest the crowd was all night. They were into that. That was a big basket by Ed Davis.

“They’re going to put that on the highlight film at the end of the year. I was like, ‘Wow, what happened, I thought they had like an 18-point play and tied the game or something.”


The picture is of former Raptor star Hedo Turkoglu. I googled Raptor eating pizza expecting to get an actual dinosaur eating a slice. But instead I just got a basketball player. Such is life.