Mike Bibby finally becomes a true member of the New York Knicks

Keywords: mike bibby, baron davis, mike woodson, jeremy lin, toney douglas


Jeremy Lin? Out for the season. Baron Davis? Stomach bug. Raymond Felton? Right, we traded him. Toney Douglas? Good joke. Finally the stars aligned for Sir Michael Bibby to get his chance to run the point. All right, he wasn’t actually knighted. And he isn’t actually that good anymore. But for some reason when the Knicks signed Bibby I saw things playing out a lot differently.


Well I got what I wanted last night as the Knicks beat up on Jersey. Melo had 33 coming off his recent triple double. Steve Novak and J.R. Smith combined for six threes off the bench, as they so often do. What we saw differently was Mike Bibby in the starting lineup. 8 points and 8 assist for Bibby, only 1 turnover. In 36 minutes, that is a damn good stat line for a 4th string point guard.


Now if you are wondering why the Mike Bibby obsession exist, I will let you in on a little secret. He dominates in NBA 2K10. Last year there were quite a few times where loud sounds erupted from my dorm room as Mike Bibby drained a game winning three. That after dropping about 40 points. So last night I finally got to shriek again, screaming MICHAELLL BIBBBYYYYYYYYY!