Phil Jackson picks his springtime sport of choice

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Phil Jackson is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. That isn’t hyperbole either, the guy has coached 11 championship teams. So during his first year of retirement it is no surprise that he spent his spring watching the postseason. Actually it is quite the shock, In an HBO Real Sports interview The Zen Master said he much more enjoyed watching the NHL playoffs from his Montana home.

“Watching the NBA; not that easy for me, there’s very little passing offense that goes on in the NBA anymore. Everything is off the dribble, on a screen roll, through the screen roll, so the innovation is very limited as far as what’s going on. I find myself watching hockey playoffs before watching basketball playoff games.”


But wait theres more! When asked if he enjoyed the NHL playoff run more than the NBA, he had an even more telling response saying ”Less commercials, more fun, much more action. Yeah.” So this just furthers the proof that the NBA lacks parody and is far too predictable. As long as basketball players are aloud to pick and choose where they go, the gameplay will continue to suffer.