Ron Artest wont be exchanging pleasantries with the Thunder

Keywords: ron artest, kendrick perkins, james harden


Every time I see a link to something Ron Artest says, my heart drops as I know the St. John’s alum is about to say something incredibly ridiculous. As we all know Artest just returned from suspension after throwing a massive elbow into the dome piece of Thunder 6th man James Harden. Now his Lakers will be playing the Thunder in the 2nd round of the playoffs and Artest has no intention of……BOOM QUOTE TIME.

“I don’t shake substitutes’ hands, I shake everybody’s hand before the game, but Oklahoma City, they don’t shake hands. Only some of them, but I don’t think they really shake hands before the game. Kendrick Perkins and now (Russell) Westbrook don’t shake hands either. (Russell) used to shake hands, but now he don’t shake hands anymore.”


So there you have it. To Ron Artest, James Harden is just another substitute not worthy of a handshake. The same James Harden that he almost killed. And yes, the same James Harden that is a front runner for 6th man of the year. Whether or not Ron-Ron does decide to take part in the pre-game wont effect too much, Oklahoma City fans will still have it out for him.