Mike Woodson will return to coach the New York Knicks

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We have quite a bit of coaching news today. There is the firing of Stan Van Gundy, the reports about Mike D’Antoni, and finally a bit of good news. All reports point to Mike Woodson signing a new 3 year deal to coach the Knickerbockers. Woodson led the Knicks into the postseason and got them their first playoff win in what felt like 30 or 40 years.


One of the main things to note in Woodson’s return is the fact that Carmelo Anthony has repeatedly said he wants Mike to be the coach. Melo was the main reason D’Antoni decided to call it quits, and as we saw in Orlando the superstar often dictates the coaches fate. Luckily Woodson is on Melo’s good side, and he was rewarded with a nice new contract. Lets just hope that friendship can last through the year.