St. John’s freshman star may be ready to head on up to the NBA, a bittersweet proclamation

Keywords: moe harkless, nba draft, st johns, steve lavin, nets

Recently news has broken that Moe Harkless of the St. John’s Red Storm may be on his way to entering the NBA Draft. As someone who has covered Harkless all season, I can say for sure that he is ready to go. But that certainly does not mean I want him to go. St. John’s had a bit of a rough season this year, and if not for Harkless it could have been even worse. I pulled a couple of quotes from the twitter of head coach Steve Lavin, I’ll throw my two cents on what I think of them but I will let you be the judge first.


“Associated with college hoops for 25 years as assistant, head coach + broadcaster. If Mo chooses to pursue HIS DREAM it gives us traction!”


“Would luv to have Mo back but returning nucleus combined with our soon to be incoming 2012 class will position Johnnies for return to NCAA!!”


“Regardless of Moe’s ultimate decision he is a very thoughtful and intelligent person with a BRIGHT future in basketball.”

These quotes to me seem to indicate that coach Lavin believes Harkless is more than likely to enter the draft. Either way I think Harkless will be fine. Obviously another year in college can only help to polish his game, but as someone who watched him first hand, I can say he does have the talent to be a great NBA player. Going back to the tweets from Steve Lavin, I do think Moe is going to test the waters of the draft, where some believe he may head to the Nets. I have mentioned before that it would be a wise marketing move for the soon to be Brooklyn Nets to have a hometown kid in their first season in a new city. From a selfish perspective though I certainly hope Moe gives St. John’s one more go.