The Los Angeles Lakers win the Steve Nash sweepstakes

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While the Knicks and Raptors were arguing about Landry Fields, the Los Angeles Lakers snuck up and grabbed Steve Nash. Now this means quite a number of things. The Lakers, already a top tier team in the west, now become even more of a title contender. This also means they may have lost interest in trading for Dwight Howard, as they only have so much money to go around. But all this is trivial to Knicks fans, there is a lot more important stuff going on in the Atlantic time zone.



Steve Nash, a two time MVP, a guy that Amare Stoudemire had his best years with, a player that really could have helped the Knicks. That said I am glad the Knicks stood their ground and opted against trading Iman Shumpert. Shump is a future all defensive team point guard. The kid has a ton of talent, and when you are good at defense, you can only get better. Unlike offense, defense doesn’t come in streaks, if you have the effort then you can only get better. And Shump will certainly continue to improve.