In the least surprising news of the week, Dwight Howard once again expresses his disdain with coach Van Gundy

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The Orlando Magic remain in disarray. Dwight Howard may not return for any type of post season run due to his injury. And Stan Van Gundy may not return next season due to Dwight Howard being, well Dwight Howard. For the second time in as many weeks, Howard has been reported to say he will not play under Van Gundy. And once again, Howard has denied saying anything of the sort.


This one is a head scratcher, it is very possible that the story is fabricated because lets be honest, anyone would believe it. It is also very probable that Dwight is just trying to protect his image, and he is just upset that the info went public. I gotta say no matter what Dwight Howard has said, Stan Van Gundy will not be back in Orlando. And why would he want to be? He has been abused by Howard all season, and undeservedly so.