Former coach Isiah Thomas recently met with Knicks owner James Dolan

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The past decade and a half has been ugly for fans of the New York Knicks. One of the lowlights of those years was the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment scandal, along with his dismal performance as coach of the Knicks. When the Knicks hired Donnie Walsh to put the roster together, the Knicks started heading into the positive direction that we see them still going in today. But owner James Dolan just couldn’t stop his obsession with Isiah, and as the two continued to meet, Walsh opted to leave the circus at the Garden. Last Friday Dolan and Isiah met once again. The Daily News says the meeting about a position for Isiah, who is not quite ready to come back to the NBA.


“Isiah is very close with Jim Dolan but he’s told me that he’s not ready to jump back into the NBA just yet. There’s this perception out there that Isiah is desperate to get back, but that’s false. I think it will eventually happen but just not now.”

The New York Post also reported on the meeting:

“The Knicks declined comment on the meeting other than to offer it should not be construed as significant that Dolan and Thomas, who have maintained a friendship, had a business meeting. With an eventful summer filled with a series of roster additions, Dolan may well have wanted to pick Thomas? brain on his new team.”

Whatever the reason for the meeting one thing is for sure. Jimmy Dolan will always be the thing holding back the New York Knicks. He is a man of the money and he is in it for himself. Notice how once he let Glen Sather actually do his job for the Rangers that they finally became a powerhouse. As long as Jimmy runs the show he will continue to bring in washed up veterans, much like he did with the Rangers of a decade ago.