Why did Bulls fans go home disappointed after a 99-95 win over the Hornets?

Keywords: mcdonalds, derrick rose, bulls

MVP Derrick Rose had 32 points and 9 assist as he led his Bulls to a win over the New Orleans Hornets. After the game, Rose apologized to the fans….YUP. With 4 seconds to go in the game Rose missed a free throw that would have gotten the Bulls their 100th point of the night. 100 points in a Chicago home win means free Big Macs for the fans. But Rose’s late game blunder kept the fans from getting their priceless McDonalds fix. Kirk Hinrich has also had this situation happen to him as a member of the Bulls. He was booed unmercifully, Rose managed to get off a little bit easier and of course it was all in good fun. I was also fortunate enough to find a picture from when D-Rose was on the McDonalds All American team, like it was destiny.