Blake Griffin goes down with an injury while having the boo birds rained upon him

Keywords: blake griffin, memphis grizzlies, clippers, chris paul

Memphis, Nashville, I’m not sure how close the two cities are but being a New Yorker I just assume they are both close enough to both be considered musical cities. Anyway, the song the Grizzlies fans sang to Blake Griffin last night was a cascade of boos. The TNT announcers called the fans classless. However with the extreme amount of flopping going on with the Clippers I think the boos were warranted.

Those classless Grizzlies fans had the last laugh. Their team won it and now they will head to Los Angeles to try to tie up their series with the Clippers. Despite what may have been a bit of embezzling on the play last night, Griffin as well as Chris Paul are both playing fairly injured. Now is the time for those Grizzlies to bite. Bear pun very intended.