St. John’s assistant Mike Dunlap will be in charge of fixing the Charlotte Bobcats

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I watched Mike Dunlap coach a young St. John’s team all year, and I can personally say he is a great guy. Dunlap did an excellent job with the Storm and now he is getting rewarded. All right, maybe not rewarded…..the Bobcats gig is easily the worst job in basketball right now. The team is brutal to say the least. And although Dunlap will be getting a player from Kentucky, it wont be Anthony Davis.



As much as I would like to express how happy I am that a guy from my school made it to the big show, I just feel kind of bad for Dunlap. He is almost being set up for failure, like Michael Jordan knows that no matter who he picked the team would fail. I mean Dunlap does have NBA experience with the Nuggets, maybe it will come in handy and he can do something with this team….maybe? I can hope, cant I?