If not for the Joe Johnson trade, Deron Williams would be in Dallas

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“I was really close to going to Dallas, I actually thought that’s where I was going to go. I had the meetings and it kind of changed my mind because once I got out of the meeting with Dallas and saw the way they way were going and the team they were putting out there and I saw that we just made a trade for Joe Johnson and I felt like that team for a longer time would be the better team. Joe got me over the hump. I’ve never played with anybody like him, a guy on the wing that can get his own shot and also get me involved and is a great defender. We could one of the top backcourts in the NBA for sure.”


Those are the words of point guard Deron Williams, the man the Brooklyn Nets so desperately needed to retain to remain relevant. Now what is interesting is that D-Will is giving Joe Johnson a lot of credit here. While Johnson is still a top 10 shooting guard, he is nowhere near the level he was at four or five years ago when he was averaging 27 points a game. On the contrary Deron could be playing with Dirk Nowitzki, already a champion and a league MVP. D-Will feels the Nets will be competitive for longer than the Mavs, and in the end that is what swayed him to stay in Jersey……err, Brooklyn.