Backlash abound as Josh Selby receives a 3rd place vote for Rookie Of The Year

Keywords: iman shumpert, josh selby, rookie of the year


The Memphis Grizzlies snagged Josh Selby with the 49th overall pick in last years draft. He played like a late 2nd round pick averaging just 2 points and 1 assist while appearing in just 28 games. So as you could imagine there has been a few angry tweets calling out the merit of the voting process. Personally I find it hilarious, obviously Kyrie Irving would win, the voters may as well have a little fun.



With all the talk of fixing the draft, and fixing games, the NBA doesn’t really need anymore controversy. Despite the landslide victory for Irving, people do not find the love for Selby as funny as I did. But these are the same people (see John Hollinger of ESPN) who are saying Iman Shumpert didn’t deserve the first place vote he got. While Shump is not as good as Irving, he did deserve that recognition as he was part of the defensive culture change in New York.