Tebow to the Jets, Lin on the Knicks, the friendship will continue to bud

Keywords: tim tebow, jeremy lin, jets, mark sanchez, timsanity

I’ll admit that this has little to nothing to do with basketball, but this is huge news in New York and of course I have an opinion on it. First off I will try to make the little connection this has to hoops. Tebow and Jeremy Lin are both very open about their faith and have had conversations with each other to show their support. Who knows what having Tebow in the big city could do for Jeremy Lin. I think Lin having that star power will be a good influence on him though.


That being said, this is going to lead to absolute mayhem for the Jets. Tim Tebow fans basically forced him to become the starting quarterback in Denver. There is one thing that most Jet fans have in common. They absolutely abhor Mark Sanchez. The second Sanchez throws an incompletion the fans will be screaming for Tebow to be the starting quarterback. It will be a crazy ride as Timsanity is about to take off in New York.