There has been backlash abound since the Hornets were awarded the 1st overall pick

Keywords: david stern, nba draft lottery, anthony davis


Lets have a little recap of the Hornets season, first their trade with the Lakers got nixed due to David Stern and his “Basketball Reasons.” The reason being he didn’t want Chris Paul going to the Lakers. So after that the Hornets were forced to deal him to the Clippers, for what still seems to be a lesser package. Now many people are saying that the reason the Hornets won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes is because Stern rigged the Draft Lottery. And it does look bad as this picture of Davis in a Hornets hat has surfaced.



Saying the NBA is fixed is nothing new. Throughout this entire postseason commentators and fans alike have been screaming RefBall as calls have seemingly gone in the favor of the Miami Heat. All the way back to Patrick Ewing draft people have been clamoring that the league is fixed. An ESPN poll had about 80% of the nation thinking the league was fixed to some degree. There is some professional wrestling stuff going on in the association.