Team USA does what everybody thought they would do

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The New York Mets winning the 69 World Series. USA Hockey beating Russia in the 1980 Olympics. That one time the Jets won the Superbowl. These are some of our nations greatest upsets in sports. So where does USA Basketball beating Spain rank? Probably lower then any sporting event ever in the history of forever. Like everybody thought, the Americans won the gold at the hands of Spain. It was anticlimactic and boring as any time the Yankees win the World Series. And it is about time the game went back to the amateurs.



Basketball is a sport predominately played by Americans. The top league in the world is the NBA, which of course is situated in the USA. So why is it that the Olympics, a competition for amateurs all over the world, allows men that make millions of dollars to compete in their games. There is no reason for the professionals to compete anymore. The Americans have shown time and time again that they will win with their best players. Let the college kids play, but we need to reach the end of millionaires competing among amateurs.