Jeremy Lin a member of the Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world

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For about three weeks in February the name Jeremy Lin was all over the place. Now it is only on the Knicks injury report. Despite the lack of recent Linsanity, his rise to prominence was enough to have him named to Time Magazine’s influential people. This list also featured the newest New York athlete, Tim Tebow of the Jets. While Lin did have a nice little run, what he did off the court will be remembered in the long run far more then what he did on it.


Lin opened the door for academics and athletics. He gave the Asian-American community somebody perfect to look up to. While what Jeremy Lin did on the basketball court may or may not be a thing of the past, what he did is still enough to help influence not only Asians, but every American kid. You don’t need to be a certain ethnicity to accomplish certain things. And with that you must focus on athletics as well as academics. If things don’t pan out, Lin has a Harvard education, and it is important people follow those footsteps. Regardless of his play in the future, there is no denying what Lin has done to influence others positively.