No unexpected results after last nights game

Keywords: knicks, thunder, mavericks, pacers


In the NBA the better team usually wins in a best of 7 series. That might just be the reason the NBA postseason is considered the least exciting of the 4 major sports. To go with that theme, all the favorites won last night. The Thunder beat the Mavs, the Pacers beat the Magic, and of course the Heat killed the Knicks again. Even with the Bulls losing the reigning MVP, they are still expected to not only beat the 76ers, but sweep them.


The lack of early round parody leads to lots of sleeper series. The Knicks are clearly no match for the Heat. The top seeded Spurs should be done with the Jazz in a couple of days. When the Canucks got beat by the 8 seed Kings a week ago nobody blinked an eye. But if the 76ers or Jazz managed an upset then a lot of people would be losing there jobs.



know I’m supposed to say that the NBA playoffs are the best thing since sliced bread. But to be honest I rather have a peanut butter sandwich on that bread then watch some of these games. But it is still early, and the later rounds are usually great once it actually has the best teams in there. For now though, I’ll keep hitting the snooze until those later rounds begin.